YSD Media – Why do wedding video’s cost what they do?

How does that old saying go?  You get what you pay for? This is true when investing in anything, but if you want something that will last forever, especially when it involves one of the most important days of your life, then its best to make sure you’re getting the best for your buck. If cost is the first and only factor when it comes to choosing your wedding videographer, there are many companies out there who can do a job for you. Whether you’ll be happy with the final product is another story.

When thinking about your wedding, it’s worth considering what the risk might be when it comes to your video?  You’re going to spend so much money on creating the perfect day, so why not capture it in the same way – perfectly!

“But wedding video’s, it’s just a guy with a camera right?  One days work, surely my budget of £700 will be enough?”

Firstly, a wedding video is never a days work.  It’s much easier to explain this in person, however I’ll try my best below 😀

Talk me through why I should invest in my wedding video…

1, After you get in touch about us potentially filming your wedding, we arrange a meeting either via Skype / FaceTime or face to face at our base in Marple where we can show you some examples of our work.  We can talk through your day, find out what you want out of your video, we talk ideas, have a chat and get to know each other.  This can sometimes be up to 3 years before you’re big day, yes we’re that busy!

2, Prior to your big day we like to meet up again a couple of weeks before.  We talk about who’s important to capture, whats happening during the day, is there any entertainment, and we chat through pretty much everything that’s happening during your wedding.  We want to stay one step ahead, and we don’t want to mither you on the day.  Everyone will tell you that the day will go so fast, we want you to enjoy your day with your guests, so if we can talk through everything at our second meeting it really helps us produce an amazing video without pestering you on the big day!

3, The day of your wedding you have 2 friendly and experienced camera operators, who will work tirelessly to capture your wedding and make the most amazing video for you!  We include mileage within 35 miles of Manchester and travel time.  We can even be flexible if you’re wedding runs over a little. Our camera men are there to capture the day exactly how you experience it and will always go the extra mile to ensure that.

4, Post Production: Each one of our edits takes time.  You will get 2 films from us, the first is your feature film which can be anything from 30 minutes right through to 2 hours depending on what happened during your day.  We include the full ceremony and speeches, and your entire film is edited in a creative way that means you’ll be able to watch your film over and over again without ever getting bored!   Before we send out any of our films, we sort out the sound levels and grade the shots and add any effects that work with your film

You also get a 2-5 minute amazing highlights film of your day.  For us to edit both of these films it takes a minimum of 3 days, not to mention the day ingesting your footage into our edit suite in full HD and backing up your footage!  So that’s roughly 4 days per wedding film.


5, We send out the first draft of your wedding film to make sure our clients are 100% happy with the film that we have produced.  We’re happy to make any small changes that may not work, maybe we shot too much of a fringe guest or you don’t like a song, either way, we fix it for you.  When we export your main HD film that can also take a day in itself.


6, When we deliver your film, you get it on a personalised USB as an MP4 file, using the ExFAT format which is universal through most modern TV & DVD players.


So all in all each wedding video is a week of work for us here at YSD Media.


All of the above isn’t to mention the 10k+ of equipment that we have invested in to film our weddings.


Our prices are inclusive of VAT, and much of the money we take from weddings goes to staff costs, insurance, marketing, new equipment, fuel etc…


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