What to Expect When Buying a Wedding Dress

Thursday, September 12th, 2019
Your Wedding Dress

Now that the perfect person has popped the question and the answer was a resounding YES! That exiting time has come to choose your wedding dress!

To help you along we here’s a round-up of tips and common questions…

Before your appointment

Have a think about your budget and the type of dress you’re looking for. This will give you an idea when booking an appointment with a boutique and help them to get an idea of the styles to pick out for you.

Wedding Date

This is obviously crucial information! Most brides start looking for their wedding dress one year to eighteen months in advance of their big day. However, some can start to plan six or even only three months before, which when planned well is still plenty of time to get everything organised depending on your suppliers. In wedding dress terms the usual minimum order time is six months before the wedding day. However, there are many variations to this. Check with the shop first.


One of the things a boutique will ask is if you have thought about your wedding dress budget.

Many brides have not really thought about it at this point, but to give an estimate on average dresses range from £600 to about £4500 with the majority being between £1000 and £2000.

When choosing where to visit we would advise giving a shop your intended budget, even if they do not ask for it, in order to avoid any potentially difficult situations.


It is a good idea to have a look through magazines or Pinterest to get an idea of the kind of bridal style you prefer. However, this could all change when you start trying them on so it’s always good to be open to new styles.

At your appointment

Who to bring

We always suggest that you bring with you a trusted friend or relative (or two) who really knows you. Although it is tempting, if you bring all your friends and family you also bring with you a lot of very different opinions and in these early stages it can get quite confusing. Try to remember that the only opinion that really counts is yours.

What happens next? – The Decision

this depends entirely on you. If you have decided on ‘The One’ then you will be measured for your dress. if you have a shortlist you will have another appointment to try them again. This is very helpful as you can see them with fresh eyes; very often the first appointment is so full it can be hard to remember which dresses had which details and which you liked best. Don’t worry; we keep a detailed record of your appointment so you have everything ready for your next session when you go in.


Your final fittings will take place starting six weeks before the wedding to account for any last minute changes in shape; your final fitting will be about a week before. Obviously, all of the above are worked around each individual bride’s requirements in order to make the experience as simple as can be.

Words by The Wedding Shop

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