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There is no use booking a fairytale horse and carriage if you are 15 miles or more from the church and expect it to complete several journeys for you.



The choosing of the bridal transport can be a daunting prospect to most couples, but thankfully help is at hand from professional companies who plan similar events with like-minded couples several times per week.

Your wedding transport is initially narrowed by practicality. There is no use booking a fairytale horse and carriage if you are 15 miles or more from the church and expect it to complete several journeys for you.

Equally cars with only two doors, whether vintage or modern, should not be considered as these are not at all practical for bridal gowns. Open topped, convertible or landaulette (hood over rear seats) style of cars preferably with long bodies are extremely versatile and ideally suited for weddings.

The average number of cars used on a wedding is two. The first car will transport the newly married bride and groom to the reception, stopping on the way for photographs with the chauffeur serving celebratory drinks to the happy couple in the car, and also appearing in other photographs if required. The second car usually transports the bridesmaids, mother of the bride and page boys etc.

Early booking ensures a wider choice of vehicles as the most reputable car companies can take bookings two years in advance.

There are now many specialist wedding car companies operating within the North West with a vast range of vintage and modern vehicles between them to suit all tastes.

Pricing structures do vary, from all inclusive charges to pricing by the hour and mileage, plus out of area supplements and extra charges for stopping for photographs. An all inclusive quotation can often work out cheaper.

Be aware, some companies offer what can initially seem a low price but extra journeys and a slow photographer can soon jump up the price.

Do enquire as to whether you have exclusive use of the vehicle or vehicles on the day, as a lengthy photo session and other unforeseen delays can lead to the hours disappearing potentially along with your transport.  

 Agree the budget in advance and ensure all costs are known up front.

Before you make a booking either make an appointment to view the companies premises or if you prefer ask when the vehicle will next be working in your area and go along and see it in action.  

Ask if you can try getting in and out of the car and consider your dress size when you do.  
Take this opportunity to check out the interior cleanliness and also condition of the vehicle which can sometimes be disappointing in many older cars.  

Another way to view cars is to visit a good wedding fayre and talk to the exhibitors whilst examining their cars.

Also remember a wedding car can stop or suffer a puncture like any other car, so make enquires as to back up procedures in the event of a breakdown.

Do check if the drivers carry mobile phones to enable them to call for assistance should this be required.

Once your choice is made and a deposit paid, obtain written confirmation of your booking details and ask the company for a further meeting approximately three weeks before the event to discuss and agree any final adjustments to your arrangements.

Finally base your decision on past recommendation, previous reputation, the professionalism and friendliness of the people you are dealing with, the quality of the vehicles and also the flexibility of the service being offered.

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  • Dawn
    I run a very successfull Horse Drawn Carriage Business for Weddings and Special Occasions and I think your comment on Horse and Carriage is incorrecty and misleading. We have picked up Bride and Father from home and driven them 10 miles plus to the Church and then either waited for Bride and Groom to deliver them to their reception venue or even unhitched the Horse and loaded back on to the lorry and picked them up nearer to their Reception Venue. I am prepared to wrire an article for you on the pros and cons of booking and using Horse Drawn Transport if you’d like an article
    Dr Glyn Jones 07977 038027   

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