You look Good on the Dancefloor

One thing you can always be sure of at any wedding is the kids strutting their stuff on the dancefloor.

Just before the first dance there will be an invasion of the dancefloor by very small people doing their ‘thing’

A lot of this ‘thing’ consists mainly of running around in circles and lots of spinning on the spot, while the adults look on in silent envy that they can’t ‘free up’ like when they were little.

you look good on the dancefloor01

It really shows how self conscious we become as adults, and usually how much alcohol needs to be consumed before the average adult can let themselves go and get down on it.

For a 5 year old just a couple of fizzy sweets and they are looking good on the dancefloor.

you look good on the dancefloor02

As a documentary wedding photographer it’s always fun to observe and catch some funny photographs of kids being kids and going wild to old family faves such as ‘Dancing Queen’ by Abba or ‘Stayin’ Alive’ by the Bee Gees.

It’s funny to think when these kids grow up and are standing on the sidelines watching the next generation of kids running free on the dancefloor, they will be listening to the same classic cheesy music!

you look good on the dancefloor04

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This is a guest post by dW Photography

David Walters is a documentary wedding photographer at dW Photography.