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wedding djWorking with your wedding DJ: Playlists Advice from a Wedding DJ

Have you ever been to a wedding or party where the mood and music seemed a bit ‘off’? Without help from a great wedding DJ, playlist planning for your own wedding could result in a similar problem at your reception!



In the absence of a professional wedding DJ, playlist disasters are easy to make: While you may enjoy certain songs on your iPod or in your car, they may not be appropriate for the mood you wish to create at your wedding reception. As a result, guests can feel bored or disenchanted with your celebration because of poor music selection.

There is good news: To a professional wedding DJ, playlist selection comes naturally. Experts like DJ Richard Porter will help you choose music that will engage your guests while including your own favorites!

The mood of your guests can make (or break) the mood of your reception party. That’s why working with your wedding DJ will help develop a playlist that is going to promote a mood of celebration for all of your guests.

An expert wedding DJ’s playlist selection will consider the age groups at your wedding, the special moments during your reception, and your own special music choices in order to create an environment in which guests will feel compelled to actively join in with the party.

Your wedding DJ will need information from you about your wedding guests and reception, so expect your DJ to ask plenty of questions. This information includes:

  • The types of music that you enjoy the most, including any special songs.
  • Songs and timing for special moments during the reception, including a father and daughter dance, couple’s first dance, and anyunique and pre-planned moments.
  • Songs or types of music that your closest family and friends usually enjoy.
  • The age groups of your reception guests and any special background information about them.
  • Any songs and types of music that should NOT be played, including sad songs from funerals.

Your wedding DJ’s playlist will be built based on your instructions and the people who will attend your reception party. Even if you may not be aware of music preferences of all of your guests, a professional DJ can predict songs that will help your wedding guests feel lively and involved based on very little information about them.

Additionally, knowing the songs that your family and friends have always enjoyed will help your wedding DJ build a playlist that will get everyone involved. These may be newer dance songs, “oldies”, or “old-school” songs that you remember from childhood or that remind you of joyful times.

As a final note: It is important to be able to depend on your wedding DJ. Playlists, mood, and the overall “feel” of your wedding reception will depend greatly on your music selection. It is only natural to desire complete control over your wedding playlist. However, a professional wedding DJ can help you choose songs for your event using your input to design a playlist that will please all of your guests.

If you do insist on providing a full playlist, please tell your DJ if it is rigid or not, at least then we can “try” your list and if its not working quite as you might have expected, we can use our knowledge to change the tracks for more appropriate ones to make sure your wedding party, is a success and not a disaster.

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