What if it Rains on My Wedding Day? Guest Post from Dave Thompson Wedding Photographer

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020
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This week wedding photographer, Dave Thompson, is sharing his top tips on how to prepare for wedding rain…just in case! No one wants rain on their big day but just look at some of these shots and how a negative can be turned into a positive!


It’s that age old question which still gets asked at some point during the planning of every couples wedding, “What if it rains on my wedding day?”

Well, if I’m honest, the first piece of advice I would give is to just accept it. There are so many factors involved in planning your wedding that you CAN affect from the shape of your cake and the colour of your bouquet to the design of your dress and the venue.

The one thing that none of us can control though, is the weather, especially in the UK and ESPECIALLY where I am based as a wedding photographer, in the North West!

So, to help you prepare, here are my top tips on what to do if it rains on your wedding day…

manchester wedding photogrpaher

How to prepare for wedding day rain

Without the rain taking over your day, you can actually put some very simple things in place. If you were going out and there was a chance of rain, you’d take a brolly, right?

As a wedding photographer I always keep two white bridal umbrellas and a larger golf style white brolly in the boot of my car, so it may even be worth checking with your photographer to see if they have any.

If they don’t, you can pick them up fairly cheaply online. The pictures below were from Richard & Emma’s wedding at Alcumlow Wedding Barn in the summer of 2019. They had staff from the venue as well as hair and make up artists helping with the brollies – a real team effort!

manchester wedding photogrpaher

How can I help my wedding guests?

Another good question and the answer really is entirely up to you. You may well like to think that they would come prepared, but you can always rely on someone to forget theirs so why not speak to the venue?

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They will be more than used to coping with weddings and rainy days, so if you run short they’re always worth an ask.

Manchester wedding photographer

Will the rain affect my photographs?

My personal feeling about this would be ‘only if you let it.’ As photographers we have worked in many different types of conditions. One of the things I like to do is find a willing groomsman or bridesmaid to come out for the pictures of the bride and groom together.

In the picture below, Richard’s sister held an umbrella over the bride and groom and the whipped it out of the way for a matter of seconds, allowing us to capture the couple laughing together.

manchester wedding photogrpaher

So trust your photographer. Hopefully over the months running up to your wedding you will have built the relationship that allows you to know that there is a reason your wedding photographer wants to take you both into the rain.

They don’t want you to get soaked to the skin, but perhaps they have a creative idea that you will love when you see the finished product.

Is it possible to still have photos at night if it’s raining?

Great question and the answer is, YES, you 100% can. I try to find something creative inside the wedding venue and then have a look what’s outside.

The final image below from Richard & Emma’s wedding last year was outside in the rain. They were there for no longer than one minute and were dry throughout.

manchester wedding photogrpaher

I set the lights up that I needed and protected them from the rain, before taking the bride and groom outside and took the pictures. Emma’s work colleague described as ‘something from a movie poster.’

My last tip for preparing for rain on your wedding day…

Enjoy it, come what may! Yes you can wear wellies or flip flops and you might not be able to spend as much time outdoors as you would have liked, but it really is the one thing none of us can control, so as always, relax, smile, embrace the rain, and have a fabulous wedding day, whatever the weather.


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