What exactly is wedding stationery

Rachel Stretton, from Sugarmouse Creations gives her advice and top tips on your wedding stationery.

Don’t underestimate the importance or impact that your stationery can bring. What is the first thing that your guests will 

see of your wedding preparations? Exactly! – your Save The Dates or your Wedding Invitations! 

Save The Date – as you know the date of the wedding, you can either include the colours of your wedding or keep it simple if you have not yet 

chosen a colour or want to keep it secret. You can also purchase Save The Day or Save The Evening cards if you wish to be more 

specific. They are a really good idea if your wedding is taking place over a bank holiday weekend or school holiday when most 

of your guests may take the opportunity to go away.Wedding Invitations with detailed information about your day. You may wish to add 

an RSVP to ensure your guests will respond to you or include an additional information sheet, giving them details of hotel 

accommodation, taxis and even your gift list.Order Of Service one between two or one between a family, young children will 

not require one, therefore saving you a few pennies! Your local vicar will help you compile the information you require, which 

will be the headings for each step of the Ceremony, hymns, bridal procession and recession music and the reading titles and names 

of those who will be performing the readings.Menus inform your guests as to what they will be eating. Etiquette 

normally dictates one per table of eight guests or less and two menus per table of ten guests or more.Place Cards 

guest where they will be sitting.Favours token of thanks for their attendance at your wedding celebration. 

Favours can come in all shapes and sizes from small boxes or organza bags with chocolates to personalised chocolates, sweets, 

small soaps, candles or lottery tickets, to name but a few. As a cost saver you may wish to add name tags to favours, therefore saving 

on producing place cards.Seating Plan where your guests will be sitting for the wedding breakfast. It shows your guests on which 

table and with whom they will besat. It ensures no confusion and no empty seats as you decide where everyone will be seated. Table Names 

your guests have seen the seating plan they will know exactly which table they need to make their way to. To make it a bit 

more interesting why don’t you give the tables names rather than numbers i.e. places you have visited, flowers, fragrances etc. 

Your questions answered 

Q: What are my options for buying wedding stationery? 

A. Make your own there are plenty of craft shops offering a wide range of card and materials for you to create your own design, but have 

you got the time? – This may be the cheapest option as 

B. Shop bought see and touch the designs before you make your mind up, but you have no flexibility on changing either the design or 

colours and you will have to place a minimum order. – This is an easy option for you to be able to 

C. Handcrafted – flexibility on choice of design, colours and wording, creating a design unique to you and your wedding.– This option gives you the greatest 

Q: When do I send ‘Save The Dates’ out? 

A: 9 to 12 months in advance a holiday up to a year in advance so you need to make sure they know well in advance if you want them to attend 

your wedding. – People normally book 

Q: When do I need to send out my wedding invitations? 

A: 3 to 6 months in advance out Save The Dates your guests will need time to either save money, book travel arrangements, accommodation or 

arrange childcare etc. – If you have not sent 


Add a few extra invites in case  you make a mistake when writing them out! 

Take into account how many weeks notice your venue wants for final numbers and incorporate this into the amount of time you allow for RSVPs. 

Make it clear if children are invited or not.

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