Wedding Singer & DJ John Norcott at The Salford City Reds Ladies Day.

Wedding Singer & DJ John Norcott & The Salford City Reds Ladies Day.

John Norcott has been performing at weddings and for corporate clients for over a decade and loves nothing more than a successful night of entertainment. As a singer and DJ it is important for John to be able to interact with people and to be able to read an audience. Recently John was booked to perform at the Salford City Reds ladies day and we caught up with John to find out how the day went and to get some top tips for booking your wedding entertainment.

County Brides: So John how did you end up performing at the ladies day?

John Norcott: I have been the match day compere for Salford City Reds for about 6 years now and every so often they ask me to sing on match days. With the match against Castleford being ‘Ladies Day’ the club wanted to have some entertainment in keeping with the theme and so they asked me to sing some swing classics and of course a bit of Buble.

County Brides: We have heard there were a few famous faces in the suite, who were they?

John Norcott: Well on your average match day I would have a member of the current squad and a former player to interview. On Saturday I really had my work cut out lol, first of all I interviewed two rugby league legends, Les Betinson and Chris Hesketh MBE. I then met the England Ladies Rugby League team and I interviewed their captain Emma Sloe about the upcoming Rugby World cup. Then after serenading the guests with a few songs I had a visit from some of the stars of Corrie. So all in all a fantastic day.

County Brides: So are you a big Corrie fan?

John Norcott: If I’m honest I never watch it, but lucky for me I knew Catherine Tydesley from working at Manchester United, we have both sung in the hospitality areas at Old Trafford. So I just asked her who everyone was lol. Of course I recognised them but with very limited Corrie knowledge I kept the questions to Rugby.

County Brides: So John although you do perform at a number of corporate engagements throughout the year you specialise in weddings can you give us your top tips for booking your wedding entertainment?

John Norcott: Well how long have you got? Lol, no seriously first of all ask yourself a question how many functions have an age range from 0-99? It is not easy to entertain every person in the room with such a vast age range but that is what a wedding entertainer needs to do. Your wedding day is probably the biggest party that you will ever organise. Not only do you want people to have a great time at your wedding, you want people to leave with a lasting memory of how fantastic the entertainment was.

So what should you look for in your wedding entertainer to know that they are right for your big day?

  • Do they sing / play the music you like?
  • Will they take requests and tailor their sets to suite your taste and timings?
  • Do they have experience performing at weddings?
  • Do they have testimonials / track record?
  • How will they interact with your guests? (You can have the best vocalist in the world but without a good personality your guests are unlikely to respond.)
  • Can you see your entertainment live before you book? Do they attend wedding fayres?
  • Do they have an online presence? If an act / DJ takes themselves seriously they will invest in their business and have a website where you will be able to see video footage or listen to mp3 tracks.
  • Speak to your entertainer to check that you get along with them. There would be nothing worse than having someone you don’t like at your wedding.
  • Obviously price will always be a factor to be considered but remember each singer / DJ is unique and you usually get what you pay for.
  • Don’t book something just because you think you should, your entertainment should reflect your taste and personality so pick something that you will enjoy.

County Brides: Thank you John, that really gives people a lot to think about. So you have been nominated in the Best Entertainment Act category in the County Brides North West Wedding Awards. What are your thoughts about the awards and what would it mean to you if you could actually win the category.

John Norcott: Well first of all I was delighted to hear that I have been nominated again. Last year I was a finalist in the category and with such a diverse range of nominees felt it was a great achievement to get into the top 4. Because the awards are voted for by Brides and other wedding suppliers it is fantastic to know that people appreciate the work I do and they have taken time out to vote. I don’t want to get my hopes up because I know as always there will be some very strong competition but if I was to win, I would be over the moon.

County Brides: To vote for John or any other wedding supplier go to the awards page @ well John thanks for catching up with us and best of luck in the North West Wedding Awards.

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