Wedding Registry










Most couples will consider setting up a wedding registry for their gifts, but it can be hard to decide what to include, especially if you already have a home together. It is acceptable these days to ask for gift vouchers or contributions towards your honeymoon, but it is also nice to have some gifts to unwrap that you will use for years to come and which will remind you of your wedding guests.

There are different ways to set up a gift registry and you don’t have to be tied to just one big department store as there are online options that allow you to compile a list from different brands and retailers and even include charitable donation options.

If you are looking for items to include in your registry, it might be a good chance to choose something a little more luxurious than usual; high thread count linens, good quality cookware that you can use for years, or plush Egyptian cotton towels. If you have been hankering after a designer juice maker, food mixer or decorative item it gives your guests something that they can purchase as a group or a family, rather than having several smaller items. If you have some things on the registry that do not get selected by your guests you will sometimes be offered a discount by the retailer so that you can complete your list, so don’t be worried about including some big ticket items as well as smaller gifts. The company that set up the registry will be able to give you ideas about unusual gifts as well as all of the information on delivery times, insurances and return policies, so make sure you ask questions about the process so that it is as easy as possible for your guests.

Once you have set up your registry, don’t forget to look at the options for thank you cards to be sent after the wedding, you need to make sure you know who gave what gift so you can send an online thank you message or a personal note; so keep your guest addresses list somewhere safe when you have arranged your invitations!