Wedding Planning Do’s and Don’ts


Rings by Christopher Evans Jewellers

Rings by Christopher Evans Jewellers

Hooray! You’re getting married! Now the fun of planning your wedding can begin, but where to start? Some couples feel daunted by the whole process, but by bearing some tips in mind from the outset you can create your perfect wedding day without getting too stressed to enjoy it.

Think of the timescale, if you want to get married quite quickly you will need to get key suppliers in place straight away and they need to know when and where the wedding will take place, so decide on a date, ensuring that you give notice to your local register office, which for most marriages or civil partnerships is at least 28 full days’ notice. Then choose a venue, ensuring that it is approved by the Local Authority, most will have a list of approved venues on their website.

Set a realistic budget based on what you want to include in your day, and ensure that you plan carefully if you still need to save up before the wedding. Two years can seem like a long time to save, but it goes by quickly and you don’t want to have the stress of a balance to pay and no money to cover it, so a separate ‘wedding account’ might be a good idea, then if you have anything left over you can use it towards a holiday, something for your home or just a little newlyweds treat.

If you don’t know exactly what you want start to do some research with friends and family or on the internet, so you have an idea of what is available and then arrange to visit a wedding show and talk to some of the companies that you might like to book. It is a good way to see lots of different things at one time, and can even mean a discount if you are able to confirm a booking there and then, so make sure you have decided on the when and where.

Keep a checklist so that nothing gets forgotten about and delegate tasks where you can; don’t feel you have to do everything yourselves or make all the decisions in one go, it is more important to make the right choices than rush in to something you aren’t quite sure about. Some things such as your wedding rings may be a considerable investment, and you will be wearing them for years so make sure they are right for you.

Consider taking out wedding insurance, especially if you are having a large wedding, it may not be as romantic as choosing wedding rings or a honeymoon, but it does give peace of mind for what could be one of the largest amounts of money you will ever spend.

It is YOUR day, so make it fun and memorable, include some of the things that you like best, whether that is the clothes, the food or the music choices, and share the day with people you love and you can’t go far wrong – Congratulations!