Wedding Photographer’s Cover Story

Wedding photographer Tanya Lloyd has captured an eye-catching image for the front cover of County Brides magazine.

Earlier this year the Glossop-based photographer was awarded the prestigious task of creating a cover shot for the North West region’s annual wedding publication. After months of planning the photo-shoot took place at Thornton Manor recently, on the Wirral in Cheshire.

Tanya Lloyd says: “Even though I’ve been shooting weddings for over 15 years and have worked as a commercial fashion photographer, I have never done a front cover image, so this was a really exciting opportunity.”

She adds: “I knew straight away that I wanted to photograph a real life couple rather than use models, as my work is all about capturing natural moments of love and laughter. I approached Anna and Alistair Gerrard from Hollingworth, whose wedding I shot in Cyprus last year and they agreed straight away to be photographed.”

Tanya visited Thornton Manor with the editors of County Brides magazine several weeks before the day of the photo-shoot. Together they discussed ideas and selected five different locations for the front cover photograph.

On the big day Tanya and her two specially chosen models were joined by a team of over a dozen people including bridal shop staff, hairdressers and make up artists. As Tanya directed the photo-shoot her every move was filmed by a crew from Sky TV for a wedding documentary.

Tanya says: “I felt quite nervous to start with but everyone worked really well together and I enjoyed leading the day. I photographed Anna and Alistair in different wedding outfits in various locations until I was sure we had a good number of images to choose from.”

The photo chosen for the magazine’s front cover shows the bride and groom on a tandem bicycle, with Thornton Manor providing a dramatic backdrop. “I think the cover shot is perfect – fun, feminine and classy – very Audrey Hepburn,” adds Tanya.

Tanya recently attended the launch party for the new 2013/14 issue of County Brides magazine. A larger than life version of her handy work was unveiled to an audience of over 100 guests from the region’s wedding industry.

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