Wedding Make-Up Top Tips

I love to photograph weddings; it is great to see the bride looking and feeling fabulous and everyone enjoying themselves, knowing that they will love how they look in the photos. Are you planning your wedding and want to make sure your skin looks stunning on the day? Then let’s get some coffee and talk beauty; Bridal Beauty. I sat down with amazing make-up artist  Vicky King and we talked about her tips for wedding make-up and have put together a list of the top things to concentrate on.

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Vicky says “Plan your trial session about 4-8 weeks before your wedding and allow at least an hour for your make –up on the day. If you plan well, you will have plenty of time to enjoy your make up session rather than rush. If you are thinking about a fake tan, do a first trial a few weeks before the wedding to see if you like the look. Wear a white T-shirt for the make-up trial. The white colour will mimic your wedding dress and will give you the best idea how it is going to look when you put on the dress of your dreams.”

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What about trying a new look for the wedding day?

“Remember that bridal make-up needs a bit of colour in order to contrast with the white dress so don’t be scared to go for a bit more make-up than you would normally do. Bring along some ideas and photographs but always remember that the stunning make-up that a celebrity had on the front cover may not suit your skin tone, hair colour etc. and don’t go overboard. You want to look like the best version of yourself but try to still be yourself”

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What about the correct products to apply?

“Well concealer should be applied after foundation, not before, for one thing. Why? It is thicker and unlike foundation that evens out skin tone, concealer offers much more coverage. Use corrector and concealer to brighten your eyes.”

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And application technique, is this important?

“This is the real benefit of using the services of professional make-up artist as they are skilled in bringing out your best features and will use quality products that will look gorgeous all day, even if you do shed some happy tears during the day. Your wedding make-up should accentuate your most beautiful features like beautiful natural looking skin, fantastic long lashes or neat brows.”

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Any final tips for looking fabulous?

“Have your make-up done in natural light, overhead lighting is the least flattering so avoid it for your make-up session- both the trial and the wedding day- and find a corner with natural light if possible. Get some blotting papers and keep them with you or give them to your chief bridesmaid so they will be on hand, then you can keep your T zone matt and avoid shine for the flash photographs”

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So, to give you a better idea, we have teamed up with model Ella Kehoe and have done a photo shoot to illustrate a wedding make-up look for you.

This is a guest post by Linda Betts

Photographer: Linda Betts

MUA: Vicky King

Model: Ella Kehoe