Wedding Jewellery traditions – an inspirational guide.

Wedding Jewellery traditions – an inspirational guide.



Traditionally a gift given as a symbol of perfection, purity and innocence, in ancient Greek mythology it was believed that pearls would bestow marital bliss. These days it’s as much about accessorizing as anything else, however it’s a nice custom and these are often given by the groom or the father of the bride before her special day. A simple row of pearls or a pair of pearl stud earrings are very classic and timeless options.

Bridesmaids Jewellery

This much-loved tradition is as much about the special bond of friendships between the bride and her bridesmaids as it is the gift of giving. Every bride wants to look fabulous with her bridesmaids on the day and what better way than with a glamourous piece of jewellery ‘twinkling’ in the wedding photographs. It’s also a precious memory of their help and support on your big day and something they will always treasure. Dependent upon budgets and themes, the choice is endless but a pendant or bracelet is often the popular choice, which could tie in with the bride’s theme of wedding or even the colour scheme.

Best men Jewellery – Cufflinks


Cufflinks are customary given to the best man or ushers as gifts, as a thank you for their help on the day. These can sometimes be replaced with other gifts such as hipflasks, keyrings, etc. A nice touch if you are choosing gifts is to personalise them with engraving or give a gift themed to your wedding. The bride may give her groom a pair of cufflinks on the morning of the wedding day, a nice memento between the two of you and a gift he can still wear even after the weding. Why not have them engraved with your wedding date – then there is no excuse to forget your wedding anniversary in the future!

Wedding Rings

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An ancient tradition dating as far back as ancient Egypt and in western culture, Greek and Roman times, symbolising a circle of eternity and perpetual love. the custom of exchanging rings however derived from the customs of Europe in the middle ages and traditionally wedding rings were always made of a precious metal, usually 22ct gold, however these days the choice of metals and styles is much wider and the process of choosing wedding rings is much more exciting for couples. The influence of personality and styles is often a major deciding factor, particularly in a unique bespoke designed piece.

The old saying: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”


An old wedding rhyme and tradition that you can have some fun with!
It goes without saying that these words are open to your imagination and interpretation but for example the ‘something old’ could be a great grandmothers piece of jewellery passed down through the family and the ‘something new’ could be the bride treating herself to something special for the day or she may receive a gift of jewellery from the groom or her family on the morning of the special day. ‘Something borrowed’ could be a bracelet or pair of earrings borrowed from your mum or mother in-law. Maybe something worn on their wedding day. ‘Something blue’ this could be a piece of jewellery with a blue stone such as a Sapphire, Aquamarine or Topaz. Depending upon the dress and your look on the day will determine how visible you want it to be. If all else fails, you could just wear a blue garter!

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