Wedding Gown Silhouettes

SGH runway1There is a perfect gown out there for every bride whatever her size, shape or style; it is just a matter of finding it. Visiting lots of boutiques is a good idea and you should be open minded when the stylists in the shops are suggesting things to try; they have seen a lot of brides and are the experts when it comes to choosing flattering shapes and colours. For lots of brides this will be a once in a lifetime garment that they are choosing and it pays to seek some expert advice. If you want to incorporate something vintage in to the gown there are lots of establishments that will design a one off bespoke wedding gown for you. Don’t worry if you are not a standard size ten as there are lots more choices for the fuller figure nowadays, so there should be no need to compromise on beautiful detailing or your choice of fabric.  If you find your ideal fit, but there are some little details that you would like, the bridal shop may have their own seamstress who can make some alterations for you, and if not then they should be able to recommend someone. Look at some of the key silhouettes and styles of dress before you go shopping so you know what you are looking for and be prepared for feeling emotional when you find ‘The One’

Strapless: an easy style to spot and don’t forget that if you are not super confident in a strapless design, but have fallen for it you have the option of adding some ‘barely there’ silicone straps or something with a bit more bling without compromising the style too much.

Bateau neckline: this is similar to a slash or boat neck style on a less formal garment and can look stunning in a heavy satin fabric.

Sweetheart neckline: this is a shape that dips at the front of the bust to create a rounded ‘v’ shaped neckline, beautiful in a lace design with long sleeves.

Fishtail skirt: this design gives fullness at the back and the hem of a gown and can give a beautifully balanced look if you feel you are a little top heavy.

Victoriana: for this style think of a high necked gown with lots of little pearl buttons at the back, sheer lace panels over the fabric and long demure lace sleeves finished with a long buttoned cuff.

Fifties vintage: a popular style as this can be tea dress length in bold colour or prints, down to floaty ballerina or ankle length dresses.

Dropped waist: a lovely timeless style popular in the twenties and thirties, perfect for a slim frame or a bride who wants to have a Gatsby themed wedding.

Hourglass: exactly what you would expect, this dress can accentuate your hourglass figure or can help you achieve this look through the structured or corseted bodice and the full skirt.

Column dress: sometimes also referred to as a sheath style dress, sleek and elegant with no frills or flounces, this gown will fall beautifully from the neckline to the floor and as it is close fitting you may want to consider a gown with pleating or some fullness at the back to give you more freedom of movement.

Empire line: this dress has a raised waistline and the gown flows from just below the bust to the hem of the gown and is a flattering style for lots of different body shapes.