Wedding Gift for the Groom

It is a nice tradition for the bride to get a wedding gift for the groom but she might want something a little more unusual than cufflinks or a leather wallet. A good starting point is to think about what your partner is really interested in and then see if there are any personalised options for you to make something really special. Cufflinks are a lovely sentimental gift as a memento of your wedding day, but how many men actually wear them these days, other than on special occasions or when they may be called on to attend an event wearing black tie? It is good to have something that your partner can use more often which is why lots of brides opt for a beautiful wristwatch as a wedding gift for the groom. They can often be engraved on the back with a date or personal message and most men will wear a watch every day so they will be able to really enjoy it and not just keep it for best. If your partner doesn’t wear a watch or already has quite a collection, look for something a little different such as one where the workings can be seen, a pocket watch design or the latest in high tech smart watches depending on his personal tastes. Another good wedding gift for the groom is something that ties in to his leisure interests rather than a briefcase or pen that he will associate with work, or a wallet which is just a necessity and perhaps not what most men would regard as a treat!

file000405691641Whether you opt for a first edition of his favourite book, a top of the range golf club, a Wisden from the year he was born or the year you first met, a flight in a vintage plane, a fabulous new camera, the guitar he has always promised himself or a bonsai tree; he will know that you have been listening when he talks about his interests and have taken the time to select something special, showing that you value him and want to nurture your relationship as time goes on