Wedding Feet







Wedding feet are more important than you might think. It is not all about gorgeous shoes for the bride; you will both be on your feet most of the day so make sure you are comfortable, no one wants to see you grimacing on the photos because your tootsies are playing up!

If you are going to have a pedicure, plan the appointment well before the wedding; your skin will be lovely and soft, but more prone to blisters if your wedding shoes aren’t really comfortable. Wear your shoes around the house for a little while each day in the run up to the wedding to minimise the chance of this happening; this goes for the guys as well, especially if he lives in trainers or work boots a lot of the time. Make sure the soles of new shoes aren’t too slippery, you can take the shine off quite easily with a file or a bit of sandpaper so neither of you comes a cropper on the dance floor; no one wants to start their married life with a twisted ankle or worse!

“Put your best foot forward” is a phrase you might hear in the run up to the wedding and brides were traditionally carried over the threshold of the house the couple would live in when entering for the first time after the wedding. This was said to be in case she tripped which was thought to be bad luck, but no-one seems to have thought about what happens if the person doing the carrying trips over!

Another foot related thing to consider when wedding planning is the carbon footprint of the event. If green credentials are important to you, then you can take steps (!) to minimise it by using local suppliers where possible, recycling, reusing or hiring items instead of buying new and arranging to plant some trees afterwards to offset the CO2 emissions from production or transport – perhaps have a couple of tree planting options on your wedding list, and make that eco-friendly too.

So there you have it, wedding feet covered and as the Russian proverb says “your feet are crooked and your hair is good for nothing” said the pig to the horse (No, we aren’t sure what it means either, but beware of criticising your partner seems to be the gist!)