Wedding Favours

macaronsAlmost every couple will be planning to have wedding favours of some description, but what is right for you and your partner? Everyone likes to receive a gift, no matter how small, so don’t think that you have to blow the budget to put a smile on your guests’ faces. Look at some of the main types of wedding favours and decide what will fit in with your plans. Charitable favours are popular, particularly when couples are already living together and don’t need anything in the way of more traditional wedding gifts such as crockery, glasses, electrical goods and so on. It is easy to set up charitable wedding favours as it is an option that lots of charities make available as a way of giving them support and they usually have details on their website of how to put it all in place so that it easy for guests to do if they wish.

toy car and mapYou might want to consider just something that your guest can enjoy on the day such as little bubble blowing bottles or mini crackers to pull at the table, or alternatively something they can keep afterwards, such as personalised glasses filled with sweets, little trinkets that are useful and have the date of the wedding on such as matchbooks, coasters or shot glasses, or foodie type favours like small macarons, personalised cupcakes with the wedding date iced on them, mini wine bottles with wedding labels, or small chocolate bars with personalised wrappers. Mini cacti, seeds to plant, jars of cupcakehoney, candles, toy cars, little bottles, decorated bags of pick’n’mix sweets, and CD’s of the wedding music soundtrack are all popular as wedding favours.

Choose something that people will automatically associate with the two of you, so if you are sport mad, love pink, are avid gamers or gardeners or music fans, always travelling or trying new recipes there will be wedding favours that are perfect for you!