Wedding Entertainment

You’re getting married, you’ve chosen all the things your friends aren’t going to remember, or really care about – flowers, shiny place settings with painstakingly handwritten name tags, cannons firing from the ramparts of the Disney inspired princess castle you’ve hired for the day – OK cannons are pretty cool. Anyway, you’ve done all that and got to the end of the colour-coded, spreadsheet break down of the big day, when you realize you haven’t thought about the one thing that makes a great day.




Think back to some of your best nights out, university pub-crawls, holidaying with friends, house parties – there was always a soundtrack, always an anthem. I’d bet there is a song you could listen to now and you’d be instantly transported there, reliving the moment, the emotion coursing through your veins!


With this in mind, it is surprising that the entertainment on the biggest day of a couple’s lives is consistently the last thing that they think about. In fact, I can pin point exactly when it is. It’s right about the time that your total budget gets maxed out.


You’ll find yourself at this juncture with little option than to go for one of the following things.


DJ Kev/Dave/Des playing all those tunes you love (he loves), from behind his disco bird hide – flashing boxes and laser lights wowing the crowd. All the while he’s talking over ALL OF THE SONGS in a local carnival gypsy patois. Refrains of “Ooooh ladies and gents, you’ll love this one, it certainly made me a believer – it’s ‘I’m a Believer’”




No thanks KevDaveDes.


Alternatively, you could hire your mate Johnny’s band. I mean, they play down at the Old Crown every Saturday night and that guy at the bar with his dog never leaves when they start cranking out “The Boys Are Back in Town”. They even said they’d do it for £200 and a bar tab. They do it for the love of the music so they’ll be sound.


Oh wait; they’re late, the PA isn’t powerful enough and the singer sounds like an old man shouting through a bin bag. They’ve well and truly taken advantage of that bar tab too…


What I’m getting at is you’ll have made an error. Proper function bands are proper. They do hundreds of weddings a year. They turn up on time, ready to play, with top quality gear. Good ones will develop the entertainment on the night with you in advance. They’ll provide guidance backed up by years of experience that will ensure that you and your guests have the time of their lives.


I mean, a good party is a simple equation: Booze. Food. Music. Your guests are there to celebrate, not huddle in a corner like an awkward high school disco. The naughty kids constantly sneaking out for a smoke and the dance floor surrounded by girls who want to dance and guys too cool to get involved. A good band will make everyone dance, sing along and feel like the night is climaxing in a frenzy of sweat and smiles. Parties are better with a band. Life is better with a band.


Most of what I’ve said can be taken with a pinch of salt. I mean, back there I hinted at a Thin Lizzy song being rubbish. That’s obviously not true. Thin Lizzy are boss. The point is this:


When you leave out entertainment, or try to sort something last minute, or don’t budget for a band that will do it properly – you’ll find the probability of having the night of your life slipping through your fingers.


So when you are franticly poring tired eyes over the mind-numbingly boring shades of lilac that your doilies can be bought in, think about what really matters at a good doo:


A band that will put on a night filled with music that will all at once take you back, stamp you in the present and be a part of your future memories for years to come.


Now that is boss.