Walking Up The Aisle










Walking up the aisle will probably be one of the most cherished memories from your wedding day, whether you get married in a church or at another venue, indoors or out. It marks the passage from being single to being part of a married couple so it is nice to make this part of the day particularly memorable by decorating the aisle in some way.

Floral arrangements have long been a staple aisle decoration but there are lots more things that you can use including columns, lamps, shells, petals, decorated arches and greenery.

There is also a trend for specially designed aisle runners, particularly where the venue might have very plain floors or the scattering of fresh petals is not allowed in case of damage to carpets where they get trodden in. Use a specially made bespoke runner with your initials or the date of your wedding on a background colour that matches your theme, or look at having a decorative arch placed at one end of the aisle, a lovely backdrop for photos after you have signed the register.

If you are having a wedding outdoors fresh petals at the sides of the aisle or even the full length of it can look stunning, or alternatively for a beach wedding choose a striped runner and edge the aisle with shells, palm leaves or driftwood. You could also consider placing petals in the shape of hearts or scrolls for the length of the aisle or having stepping stones placed at intervals.