Visiting a Wedding Fayre

Fun casinos for weddings

Fun casinos for weddings

A wedding fayre is a great place to start when planning a wedding. It can take over 250 hours to plan the perfect day, so start by getting the advice of the experts on what to look for and where to start.

It is fine for couples who know exactly what they want as they just have to find it and draw up the guest list, but for other couples they may not know what they want until they see it, particularly if it is more unusual, a casino, photo booth or ice cream cart for example. This is where fayres can be invaluable. It is a chance to see the floral arrangements, smell the scent of a freshly tied bouquet, taste different cake samples, try on dresses and suits and get advice before making the important decisions on spending. It is good to be able to choose a supplier that is local to you, in case you need to see them about something or they are ordering a particular item for you, as it saves time on phone calls and travelling about as well as worrying about things not arriving on time, as you will be able to collect things easily.

Wedding fayres will have a range of companies offering products and services and able to answer questions and give guidance on different options and it is lovely to be able to speak to people who will be as excited by your wedding arrangements as you are!

Make a list of what you are looking for before coming to a wedding fayre, and take account of any particular items that you would like to commission so that they are unique to you, such as jewellery designs, bridal designs or venue dressing ideas. Make sure you know what your budget is for different items and have a list of questions to hand so that you don’t overlook the details.

Enjoy the fashion shows, competitions, magazines and free gifts that are available at many fayres, and start to really look forward to your special day!