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Planning an event on a budget is always a difficult task.

However, due to the current economic climate, thousand of couples are now faced with an even more difficult task when planning one of the most important days of their lives. Therefore, it is important that you make the right choices to ensure you are not disappointed in any way.

We have had some couples who thought they had secured a good deal with their chosen supplier or venue, to find that this is not forthcoming. As a result, they are left feeling stressed and anxious, the struggling to find another supplier at very short notice. Without exception, all of the couples had booked their original suppliers based on the cheapest price alone and had not considered any other factors when making their decision. What came to light was that these couples had not put a definite budget in place, spent too much on one or two factors of their wedding, leaving insufficient funding to have all the extra special touches they wanted – particularly with their flowers and venue dressing. This was something they bitterly regretted later. You are able to plan ahead and save up to make the correct choices that will make your day perfect in every way, if necessary delaying the wedding for a later date to enable you time to save up for the day that you dreamt of. You only get one wedding and you want it right in every detail.

Anyone can quote a cheaper price to gain your business but are you getting a quote that also reflects value for money and good service? Have you had to make significant compromises? Someone once told me a chair cover is a wedding dress for a chair, would you buy your wedding dress without looking and trying it on first? No. Imagine walking in to your room with covers and linen you had never seen, and being bitterly disappointed with the colour or quality, or even both. It is essential that you actually see a cover and bow on a chair, even if your preferred venue dresser does not have a showroom. Whether you are hiring from a venue dresser, linen hire company or from your venue, demand no less from them than to see the colour of your choice and the linen that you are ordering to ensure you are happy with it. You should not have to compromise for example if a package restricts you to white covers when you have set your heart on ivory. You certainly should not be expected to compromise with a few basic colours for your bows when you had imagined them to match your bridesmaids’ colours. Please also be wary of packages stating that chair covers and venue dressing are free; there is no such thing, the costs will simply be hidden or inflated somewhere else to allow for this. Also, when ordering with your chosen supplier, be wary of companies insisting on cash only and ask why?

When choosing your bows, don’t just think organza. You should be offered numerous choices; satins; taffeta; or velvet. You should also have the choice of hoods and side sashes with other finishing touches, such as diamante buckles and floral corsages to create greater variety and value for money. If you are considering a featured swag around a doorway, ceiling or stairs, insist again to see the fabric used. If you are still not sure, arrange to meet at a wedding set up so that you can see for yourself.

When choosing their flowers an increasing number of brides,(if unable to see examples of flowers made up) will pay for one  Although this is an obvious additional expense, it gives them peace of mind. Again, it will be too late on the day if you are not happy with what you have received. Do take care when companies are offering ridiculously low prices, which are tempting, particularly when working within a tight budget, but can sometimes create huge disappointments on your special day. Therefore, when you are collating your quotes ensure you get a like for like quotation to itemise and quantify everything. If you receive a quote that is substantially lower, ask yourself why? A bouquet containing twenty roses compared to thirty is a world of difference, and a bouquet with just roses, no diamante pins, foliage or crystals again is not a like for like quote. Ensure you are thorough in the questions you ask. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you are offered floral centrepieces as part of a package, have you been given choices? Have you actually seen them? More importantly, will they match your chosen bridal flowers? If you feel you have to compromise too much, what is the point? If you have not seen any photographs or examples of the arrangements then how do you know if you are going to be happy with these on the day? Please don’t lose sight of the day you are trying to plan.

When deciding on a florist that is right for you, do not simply base your decision on price again. You need to think about if the florist has their own variety of glassware, candelabras and any additional props relating to floral decoration? If the answer is yes, this is a good start as you will have the best choice with no compromise. Ask to view the components and vases if you feel that this is important to you for your peace of mind. If the answer is no, and you are told that the flowers can be done, but you need to hire the vases or candelabras you want from another third party, then you must ask yourself why? This option could prove more costly to you and why would a reputable florist not have a wide selection of vases and candelabras of their own as they form an essential part of the florist’s services.

Not convinced?

Consider why the other florists are that little bit more expensive. Over time, they have established themselves as market leaders in their chosen profession, with an excellent reputation. They have invested extensively in the latest glassware and props and do not have to depend on third parties to produce a first class service to their customers. This comes at a cost, so what appeared to be the more expensive quote in the first instance, has in fact become the same or in some cases, cheaper, as you would not have the extra anxiety and stress of having to source these yourself!

We hope that you enjoyed this article and will appreciate the advice that we have shared from other couples who have had firsthand experience in organising their wedding day. By avoiding rushing in, you can still achieve great savings, minimise compromises and have peace of mind, but most of all you can have an amazing wedding day with wonderful memories to last a lifetime.


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