Unique ideas for sparkling occasions

Covering chairs can instantly change the look of a room.

Being discerning and perhaps creative is one thing, but you must also be practical when it comes to planning the styling of your venue. Choosing a reputable event stylist is crucial to creating your desired effect, which must be executed smoothly within time constraints whilst you  are preparing yourself for the big day.

With so much to choose from these days, it is best to start with the basics. Covering chairs can instantly change the look of a room. fabric fitted chair covers remove unwanted colour and the addition of bows and shawls gives you the opportunity to begin personalising your look.

Quite often the styling for a venue is inspired by interior design trends, for instance using an ivory chair cover with a large, tied bow in a strong accent colour such as aubergine or ebony. Drama is already created, which asks for a less fussy approach to the table tops.

Light reflecting crystal ties in well, to add opulence and elegance. Tall, striking, crystal candelabras, presented on top of a circular mirror, create sensational table centre-pieces, throwing light around the tables. Take the flowers down to the table top in small individual glass post, tie a luggage tag around each one and you have gorgeous floral place names, which look chic and effortless.

Out with the traditional table confetti and in with swarovski crystals, lavishly scattered upon bold table runners. take the linen napkins and simply fold them, placing them under the side plate. Keep menu cards to a minimum, one per table is fine.

Candle-light will always be romantic and synonymous with weddings but you should also consider other complimentary lighting to sensationalise the evening look – colour washes for warming the walls, down lights for pin-spotting table centres, gobos for creating images on wall and floors. Dance floors take up a lot of space and are therefore central to the look of the evening party and most are pretty dull. so consider investing in an integrally lit dance floor for the evening, in heavenly white or glossy black. Your guests will be wowed by the effect.

There is so much available to you – this is your day and it can anything you want it to be!

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