Top 10 tips to buying a wedding dress by Puure Bridal

Here are some top tips to buying a wedding dress by Pure Bridal

1. Start looking between 18 – 12 months for the dress before the wedding. Look to actually book the dress at least 12 months in advance. Last minute bookings narrow down choice, they don’t allow for time delays and they put you under unnecessary pressure. The magic “6 months ” that is discussed in magazines is the very latest, and you have to be prepared that the dress will arrive very close to the wedding.

2. Do look on the internet for inspiration but DON’T buy from the internet. Ask any bridal shop about internet disasters where they have had to help out brides in despair. We at Puure have dresses bought from the internet to show you, feel free to ask to see them.

3. Always buy from a member of the BBRA. Their members are covered in case anything should happen, so you don’t lose out…. top tip the BBRA do checks on the shops before allowing them to become members.

4. Take a maximum of three people with you when trying on… remember the more people you take the more opinions you will get, and they will probably all like something different..!!!

5. Listen to the experts. If you are in a well-established shop they will have experienced bridal stylists. We normally know what will look great before you’ve even took your coat off.

6. Don’t be swayed by sales talk…. my famous quote “Anyone can sell you a beautiful gown, but can they get it fitting perfect for you on your day” It’s true there is so much competition in the northwest from Bridal boutiques. Make sure you buy from one that has an in house seamstress, a deep knowledge of bridal alterations is essential to create the perfect gown.

7. Concentrate on “you ” first. So many girls put off going shopping, choosing to pick bridesmaids and even suits first. You are the star of the show and everyone needs to co-ordinate with you, not the other way round. Remember if your not the weight you want to be we can always take a dress in, so don’t delay.

8. Don’t try and see too much in one day. Book maybe two or three appointments maximum  in a day. Each appointment could last 1 1/2 hours… you’ll be exhausted by the end of the day and you’ll have wedding fog!!!

9. If you on a budget, as about ex sample dresses… we all have them and normally they are 1/2 price or less. Ask about payment plans , some shops will allow you to pay off monthly to afford your dream dress.

10.  Enjoy the experience, it should be the nicest kind of shopping you ever do. Look for a shop that is going to make you feel completely at ease… if you buy a dress it’s going to be a long term relationship.

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