Top 10 Questions I get asked as a wedding Magician by Greg Chipman

Monday, January 15th, 2024

Everybody wants their Wedding day to be magical and what better way of making it just that than by hiring a Wedding Magician to join you on your special day. Hiring a Magician can break the ice between guests meeting for the first time, allow certain times of the day to flow more freely or make for some great wedding pictures to look back on when everybody is enjoying the moment.

Having worked as a Wedding Magician for over 10 years now I often get asked lots of questions about how the magic can be a part of your Wedding Day, so I have recently been joined by County Brides who asked me the top 10 questions I get asked by couples looking to book a Wedding Magician. 

1. Are you available on my date?

GCM – This is probably the first question you should be asking as you don’t want to be going through all the details on how to include the magic, only to find the date isn’t available. Dates usually get booked up fast and I have to take it on a first come first serve basis. The best way to check would be to enquire through my website where I will get back to you with availability and all my Wedding Packages.

2. County Brides – What are the best times of the day to have the magic?

GCM – Each Wedding day is unique to you so I always arrange a call to discuss the details and requirements of your day. Having performed at many Weddings and events over the years I have found the four most popular times to have a magician performing are during the turnaround, drinks reception, wedding breakfast or during the photos.

3. County Brides – How long would we book for?

GCM – I have several packages available ranging from if you are wanting just one/two hours of magic, or if you would like to book me for the whole Wedding Day. I can give recommendations based on the number of guests that will be joining you.

4. County Brides -How much do you charge

GCM – Once you have checked availability for me joining, I will then be able to go through all my available Wedding Packages. These vary from one hour, two hour and full day packages. I will send out a brochure with all the prices/details.

5. County Brides – What type of magic do you perform?

GCM – The style of magic I perform is close up magic. This works great when mix-and-mingling between guests as everyone can enjoy the magic up close and personal. The magic is happening right in front of your eyes.

6. County Brides – How many guests do you perform to?

GCM – I can perform from any number of guests, ranging from 1 to several hundred. The style of magic I perform (close up) allows me to join groups of varying numbers and perform to them either individually or as part of the collective group, getting everyone involved and making sure they are all having a good time. I always recommend the more guests you have joining will require more time for me to get around and see everyone, but as a general rule of thumb, for 40 guests and under 1 hour would be ideal, for 40+ guests at least 2 hours.

7. County Brides – Who inspired you?

GCM – I loved watching David Blaine, Derren Brown and Dynamo when growing up. The styles of each vary hugely but they are all a master of their art.

8. County Brides – Why did you start?

GCM – I started magic as a hobby and loved the atmosphere it created when performing. It brought people together if only for a moment to enjoy something that looked impossible. This feeling that performing creates is what got me into it and what still drives me today.

9. County Brides – How long have you been performing?

GCM – I have been performing right from a young age at any family party or event, eager to show everyone what I had been learning. Professionally, I have been performing now for 10+ years at Weddings, Corporate and private events. I am also a magic consultant on Film and Television shows, having worked on Hollyoaks, Father Brown and more recently an upcoming feature film set to release 2025/26

10. County Brides – Do you have a favourite trick?

GCM – I would have to say it depends where I am at the time. My favourite style of magic is close up as it is performed right before your eyes but if I had to choose a specific trick, it would have to be involving playing cards and something that happens in the spectator’s hands. Ones that leave impossible souvenirs for the spectator to keep are always great as they have something to remember the moment.


I hope these questions help you in your process of finding a Wedding Magician and I wish you all the best with all the Wedding Plans. Greg Chipman Magician

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If you would like to see how you can add magic to your Wedding Day then contact Greg.



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