The Wedding Recessional (Walking Back Down The Aisle)


One of the most emotional and important moments during the wedding day is the Wedding Recessional. This is the official name for when the bride & groom walk back down the aisle as husband & wife!

It is a very challenging part of the day to capture well.

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Like most wedding traditions it is older than history itself and that is why as a documentary wedding photographer I shoot candidly and with no direction to the bride & groom. So I won’t stop you half way down the aisle and ask you to smile! I want you to remember moments like this as they happened.

dw photography the recessional03

An image with a natural look is infinitely preferable to a contrived and directed shot. It has a real memory attached to it, whereas the staged shot is just a false intrusion on your precious day.

It’s great to watch the bride & groom waltz back down the aisle in a daze of happiness (and maybe relief!) with all eyes on them wishing them all the best.

I am hoping to get a special moment at this time, maybe if the bride & groom look at each other and laugh or smile or if a guest or family member hugs them.

It is moments like this that I am trying to capture for the couple during the wedding day as it will be these moments that they will treasure in the coming years as they look through their album.

dw photography the recessional04

As a documentary wedding photographer I am always on the look out for these moments – the glances, hugs, special touches. I really love it when something unexpected happens.

A wedding I attended couple of years back, the bride & groom decided to have their child christened after the wedding ceremony.  So as they started walking back down the aisle, the little girl must have become overwhelmed and started crying, you can see her dad’s bemused face.

I was ready with my camera and captured the moment.

I’m pretty sure the family will have a giggle when they look at that image in the future!

dw photography the recessional01

These images are some of my favourite shots from this special part of the day. I hope you like them too.

If you want your wedding day photographed naturally with no direction or interference from your photographer please visit me at my website:

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