The Stylish Groom

Stylish groom

Stylish groom

A lot of pre-wedding conversation seems to be about the bride’s gown and accessories and sometimes the groom can be overlooked. If the bride is choosing the dress of her dreams there is no reason why the groom shouldn’t have a say in what he will wear on one of the most important days of his life. The groom generally wants something comfortable that he can feel confident in, but it still may mean a little bit of suffering for a guy who would never voluntarily wear a suit, if he has to have something formal. Your lovely bride obviously likes the way you look or she wouldn’t be getting married to you, and as she may think that all eyes are on her perhaps she will not be too stressed out about what you are wearing.
Stylish grooms can easily choose something that works for their personality as there are so many different styles in menswear, and far more choice in accessories than ever before. It is no longer just a question of a formal suit or a morning suit, so start by thinking of what type of wedding you are planning to have and go from there. A formal wedding at a grand venue makes you instantly think of the classic morning suit with pinstriped trousers, waistcoat and tails, but there are variations on this and you can include or omit the top hat, depending on how you feel, and it is an easy way to colour co-ordinate, just choose the waistcoat, cummerbund or cravat to match the colour scheme, or choose toning shades for the groomsmen and page boys.
If you are having a beach wedding, an informal wedding or something with a particular theme, you can match your style accordingly, no-one will wonder why you don’t want to be in a top hat on a beach in the Seychelles, but if that is what you want to do, just go for it! Equally if you are having a themed wedding or are into the vintage look, sixties mod clothes, rock and roll or sports luxe you don’t have to compromise, just start looking around early on for things you like and start to build up your own unique outfit.

Here are some key areas to get you started, but we don’t suggest that you try to have everything on the list, that would be beyond eclectic!

Outerwear to suit the time of year or theme – formal suiting, linen suit, parka, morning suit, highland dress, drape jacket, casual suit, leather jacket, Crombie, a frock coat like Ross Poldark, or britches if you are going for the Mister Darcy look

Comfortable shirt that ties in with the outfit – formal, dress, linen, button down Oxford, cutaway collar, wingtip collar, frilled front, pirate style, band T-shirt, turtle neck – there is loads of choice here

Shoes that tie in with the look, and if you are getting new ones remember to break them in if necessary before the big day, even though they are unlikely to be heels they can still be uncomfortable. Choose from dress shoes, Chelsea boots, brogues, Converse, wingtips, riding boots, spats, cowboy boots, ghillie shoes, crepe soled shoes, winkle pickers, desert boots or even wellies if you are having an outdoorsy day

The accessories are the finishing touches to your outfit and there is a lot of scope for you here as well, not just whether to have a tie or cravat. Braces, belts with fancy buckles, bowties, top hat, flat cap, porkpie hat, trilby, fedora, Stetson, pocket watch, cufflinks, tie pins, boutonniere, sporran, argyle socks…..the list is endless, so get choosing.