The Perfect Wedding Guest

What makes the perfect wedding guest? You have spent time putting together the guest list, planning the seating arrangements, taking account of what you need to provide for your guests, and thinking about how they are going to enjoy themselves, but what if one of them behaves less than perfectly on your big day?

Most of us have seen cute kids playing up to the photographer at a wedding, but what if they are throwing a tantrum or even trying to have a food fight? Some couples make a decision to have an ‘adults only’ wedding and make this clear on the invitations, but as they may well have children themselves it is not always an option, and no one wants to offend their guests before they have even sent the RSVP by implying that their children might not be welcome. Far better to include them but plan to have a quiet area where they can go if they are getting over excited, don’t have a candy buffet which can lead to squabbles, and organise some sort of child friendly entertainment as they are less likely to misbehave if they are kept busy and feel like they are part of things. A photo booth with props is popular, or a selfie station with a big photo frame and a little goody bag with colouring sheets, pencils or a puzzle will give them something to do while the speeches are going on.

Sometimes it is the adult guests who are the issue, with hung over ushers, rowdy friends from Uni or indiscreet relatives telling tales out of school. If you think that any of these might be an issue plan what you will do together to deal with it or delegate someone well ahead of time who can keep an eye on any tricky situations. Families are made up of all sorts of people and if they have been invited then you must like them enough to have them with you on your special day. Most people won’t want to upset the newlyweds and if something happens that wasn’t planned you will have plenty to talk about when you are on your honeymoon and chances are it will all be sorted out by the time you get back – so just relax and enjoy yourselves!