The Perfect Underwear

So, you’ve found the perfect man and the perfect dress – now all you need is the perfect underwear! 

 No underwear, no matter how sexy or glamorous, is going to look right and give your dress the best appearance if it doesn’t fit properly. It’s very important to have your wedding underwear fitted professionally. It’s equally important to make sure that you choose the correct style of underwear for beneath your dress. Our quick guide has been designed to help you.

Strapless Bra

Easily the most popular style of bra for brides, the strapless bra gives the utmost versatility, as it can be worn either under a strapless dress or under a dress that has thin straps or sheer tulle sleeves. Available in a smooth style for under thin fabrics, or more detailed lace styles for under dresses made of a thicker satin.

Padded Plunge Bra

Excellent for underneath dresses with shoulders and a plunging neckline, a padded plunge bra will enhance your cleavage and give a better decolletage.


A body is an all-in-one piece, usually with straps. They can come in either plunge or balconette styles and are very good for sheath style dresses where you would get a line from pants. Usually, they come with detachable suspenders.


A basque is like a body but has separate briefs and sits on the hip. Usually with detachable straps and suspenders, a basque is suited to styles which have an un-boned top or a soft boned bodice. Some styles of basque are also available with a low back, which is ideal for low backed dresses.


A bustier is like a basque but is a little shorter and has no suspenders. Again, these are mostly suited to dresses without bones in the bodice and which are made from quite a thick fabric. These are also available with a low back.


Unless you’ve opted for a body underneath your dress, you’ll need a pair of briefs. The most popular types are strings and rio briefs, as these tend not to leave lines. Of course, it all depends on the style of dress that you have.

Suspender Belt

Suspender belts are a traditional part of the bride’s outfit, but they’re certainly not compulsory. When choosing a suspender belt, it’s important to find one which isn’t too large on the waist, as this can be pulled down by the stocking.

Stockings and Hold-ups

Stockings and hold-ups are both available in a range of bridal colours and all come with a choice of lace top or plain top. The type of legwear you choose will depend on your dress and whether or not you wish to wear a suspender belt. It’s worth remembering to check whether stockings and hold-ups have an ‘invisible toe’ if you’re looking to wear open-toe shoes.

Control Wear

Nobody really wants to wear control pants on their wedding day, but occasionally the dress won’t allow you to wear anything else. There are a selection of control products available in full or thong backs and with or without legs. It’s increasingly common for brides to wear a control pant underneath their wedding dress during the day and then have something a little more glamorous to change into for the wedding night.

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