The Finishing Touches


“Every girl has a dream, beginning in childhood, of how she will look on that wonderful day”

The tiara is the final piece of the jigsaw to complete the overall image created for your very special day. It brings together the gown, veil and jewellery to form that perfect picture. .

Every girl has a dream, beginning in childhood, of how she will look on that wonderful day. When in front of her family and friends, she will walk down the aisle to marry her man, whether it be in a church, registry office or a far-off beach. She will picture the gown, her flowers and all of this will be set off by the adornment she wears in her hair.

These days, with tiaras being so fashionable, designers have created every possible look; elegant, traditional, modern, offbeat or ethnic. Each tiara bears the designer’s own handwriting as they use their favourite components consisting of crystal, diamante, pearls or feathers which, when wired together, form the beautiful designsavailable to the bride.

It is advisable for the bride to choose her gown as the first piece of the jigsaw. From that, she will know what accessories will complete the final picture. If her gown is encrusted with crystals, that should tell her to have some incorporated into her tiara. These can be mixed with pearls, in different shades to form a softer effect. Or the addition of colour is sometimes preferable to fit the chosen colour scheme. There are many different shapes to look at. As everyone has an individually shaped face, it is important to find the one that flatters her most. This can only be done by trying a variety of tiaras. There are plenty of people experienced with bridal headwear who give truthful and sound advice, as it is not the kind of thing worn every day. The tradition of the tiara will carry on for a long time, as it is every girl’s dream to be a princess for a day – and what better day than her wedding day!

 Article by Adina

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