The Benefits of Visiting a Wedding Show

St George's Hall interior

St George’s Hall interior

Wedding fayres, shows and exhibitions have been around a long time and remain one of the best ways to see what the wedding industry has to offer, new products that you may never have thought of, services that would be ideal for your wedding day and lots of new trends, designs and ideas for every aspect of your wedding day. There are lots of companies all in one place so it cuts down the travelling time and gives you the chance to compare services.


With so many choices, how do you get the best out of your visit to a wedding show and stay sane during the process?

1. Make a list and be confident about your choices – if you already have your perfect dress there is no point in looking at all of the others, and then feeling that it is not so perfect after all, that will make for a miserable outing. List what you have already sorted out, put down three things that you would like to tick off the list still to do, and work out your budget in case you see a “must have” or a “can’t resist” at the show.

2. Have a pen and paper in case you need to jot any ideas down, although most exhibitors at the show will have flyers and business cards to hand out with their details on, it is useful to be able to keep a note of ideas that you might want to discuss before making any decisions, and you may have another fayre to go to before you make a booking.

3. Have something to eat before you set off, most shows will be at venues where there is a bistro or café, but they will get very busy over lunch time, so that can be a good time to speak with suppliers for a bit longer if you have questions about their service, and you won’t feel faint by the time you take a break – cake samples won’t keep you going!

4. Go with someone whose opinion you trust, they will be able to steer you away from any wild impulse purchases and could help to deflect any overzealous exhibitors wanting to know when your big day is or wanting your details for their marketing lists. Most exhibitors will be genuinely interested in your plans though, weddings are how they make their living and they will be keen to show you what they can offer, so be polite even if you are not interested.

5. Wear comfortable shoes and take your wedding shoes with you if you will be trying dresses on, make sure you have suitable underwear on and have some idea of the overall look that you want, full skirted, column style, long train, strapless and so on, so that you can narrow down the choices straight away and don’t feel overwhelmed.

6. Enjoy yourself! It is great to be able to chat with people who live and breathe weddings, they will be a great source of information and advice and have lots of experience, it might be your first wedding, but it probably won’t be theirs so they will be glad to help you. Pick up all the magazines, leaflets and freebies, watch the fashion shows, enter the competitions, have a glass of champagne and look forward to your perfect wedding day!

Get some fantastic ideas and inspiration at the County Brides St George’s Hall Wedding Show on 3rd and 4th October 2015, a two day show at a stunning venue with some of the best wedding suppliers from across the North West.