Susan Foxall Ceremonies

A Celebrant? “What’s a Celebrant?”… A celebrant provides you with choice and individuality for your special ceremony. These days, there is so much freedom of choice, that there is no need to accept the traditional route if that’s not your style. There is no need to think that the only words available to you and your partner on your wedding day are the same words that have been around for centuries, the ‘one size fits all’ script that doesn’t say who you are or what you’re about.

Choosing an independent celebrant gives you the opportunity to choose the right words for your ceremony. Working closely with the bride and groom, Susan will carefully write your vows and words until they’re perfect just for you. The service is then truly unique and you carry the memories of exchanging these personal and individual words away with you, and treasure them forever.



Contact Number: 07800 572127