Stuart Hornby Photography

Hello, I’m Stu, I’m a creative wedding photographer and I love to capture all the little moments that happen on a wedding day. 

From laughing with your crazy bridesmaids to being bewildered at how your best man still can’t tie a tie properly. I’ll capture your day in a documentary style, with a touch of ‘capow’ thrown in. 

My aim is to blend in and make everyone feel at ease and have a laugh along the way. This means I can capture the true moments, where everyone is relaxed and enjoying the day not worried about what I’m doing! 

So that’s it really, I’m there to provide you with images that when you sit downin a year’s time, or even 20 years, boom it feels like you’re there again. I want my images to feel honest and genuine, not staged or forced. Sounds good? Let’s chat more.



Phone number: 07739 126 342