Supplier Spotlight, Dee Dee’s Beautique: 5 Common Bridal Hair and Make-up Questions Answered

Tuesday, July 5th, 2022

Hi! I’m Dionne, owner of Dee Dee’s Beautique.

I’ve been working within the beauty industry; for over 10 years, specialising in bridal hair and make-up. I’ve always loved being a part of someone’s special day; helping them to enjoy their morning and ensuring they feel absolutely AMAZING before walking down the aisle and committing to their forever… and supporting them through the nerves and excitement that come along with that!

But that’s not all. In my experience, bridal hair and make-up specialists are known to be therapists for your little pre-wedding pep talks, florists, seamstresses, dog groomers and all-round general life savers among other things. We work super hard to make sure your morning runs as smoothly as possible (some of which you won’t even see!) and I honestly wouldn’t change it for the world! 

I regularly get asked the same questions by brides-to-be about their wedding morning, and about hair and make-up in general, so I thought it’d be handy to pop a little list together of the top five questions we get asked, along with my answers to them.


Do I NEED a trial?

I would 100% recommend having a trial for both hair and make-up before the big day. This not only allows you to figure out your look, have some fun and try a few other ideas along the way, it also helps your stylist prepare.

A professional hair and make-up artist will ask you lots of questions at this point to figure out your hair type, skin type, any concerns, your preferences and what type of ‘look’ you opt for normally. This helps them customise your look to make sure you still feel like yourself on the day, but the best version of you!

It will also provide you both a chance to get together a plan for the morning, a schedule if needed and confirming last minute details in person. In my opinion, a trial is invaluable at putting bride-to-be’s mind at ease as they can also chat through any worries or questions they have with their artist! 

What brands do you use?

We use a huge array of brands and products as a team. Some of our favourites are MAC, Charlotte Tilbury, Bobbi Brown, Morphe, Chanel, Inglot and Stila. Each product is carefully hand-selected for its long-lasting properties; it needs to last from first thing in the morning until you say goodbye to the last guest.

We are always researching new products and their formulas to make sure we are up to date with current trends and new innovations – we don’t miss a trick!

All products are also heavily-tested on their appearance both in person and for camera. This is so important for weddings as photographers’ cameras don’t miss a thing! We work closely with quite a few local photographers on both photoshoots and weddings, and all have commented on how flawless the make-up looked on camera!


Have you got any experience working with more mature skin and darker skin tones?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on being diverse; we have experience with lots of different skin tones and skin types. That’s one thing I absolutely love about this job; every face is a completely new canvas that comes with new preferences and ideas!

We don’t have a ‘set style’ of make-up or hair so that naturally attracts lots of different people, from different backgrounds and of different ages. All of whom want the same thing for their wedding day… to look and feel their absolute best!

I don’t normally wear much make-up so I have no idea where to start! Can you help?

Of course we will! We have had a HUGE influx of brides completely unsure of what to do for their big day recently! The pandemic saw a lot of us wearing less make-up day to day (me included) because we were working from home more and socialising less!

We take all this into consideration at your trials; we will ask you what you wear day to day and what the absolute most is that you’d wear to gauge an idea of your comfort zone. We completely understand that one person’s ‘natural makeup’ is maybe a brown mascara and moisturiser, while someone else’s might be a full face of make-up in neutral tones (think the Kardashians!). 

We work through your trial step-by-step with a mirror in front of you and stop and check you’re happy with each step before we proceed… unless otherwise asked! We don’t set a time limit for trials either, so if you want to try all five looks you’ve seen on Pinterest you’re more than welcome to! We are always happy to offer a professional opinion but sometimes you need to make that decision yourself with the support of family and friends, so we always suggest you bring a few people along!


Can you accommodate a big bridal party?

We have a few dedicated hair and make-up specialists on hand as part of the team who have been picked for their personalities, friendly approach and, most importantly, their talent! So, rest assured we can accommodate bridal parties of any size and will always advise if two (or more) of us will be attending on the day! 

If you have any further questions, want to take a nosey at our portfolio or would like to enquire about your bridal hair and make-up for the big day, feel free to get in contact with me and my team on either Facebook, Instagram or by phone on 01260 289406.

Dee x




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