Spring Wedding

If you are planning a Spring wedding you will be excited when all of the new plants and flowers start to make an appearance in March and April. Daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths and many other bulbs will be flowering and adding a touch of much needed colour to flower beds and borders in gardens.  It means that you will have a lovely backdrop for your wedding photographs if you get a fine, bright spring day and can have some shots taken outside at the venue.

Stanley park, Liverpool courtesy of the Isla Gladstone Conservatory

Keep this in mind when you are looking at possible spring wedding  venues and try to plan where you would like some photos to be taken. Perhaps there is a beautiful tree that will be starting to blossom when you get to the date of the wedding, or another striking outside Bandstand at the Isla Gladstone Conservatoryfeature such as a pergola, archway, trellis, water feature or lake, walled garden or bandstand. If there is not a lot of landscaping at the venue as far as flower beds are concerned you could still have some lovely woodland photos taken against a backdrop of greenery, topiary or shrubs. Ask what facilities you would have if it is not possible to be outside due to the weather as there may be architectural features indoors that you could use such as lovely staircases, decorative windows or striking fireplaces.

There should be more daylight hours at a spring wedding as the days get longer, allowing you to travel a little distance from the venue to take photos before it gets dark, so see what other locations are nearby that you could make use of that have colours or features that would make a nice image. If your photographer knows the venue ask them what they have included at a spring wedding as they may have some appropriate props that you could make use of too.

Keep a beautiful wrap close to hand in case it is bright day but not a warm one and you can pop it on in between shots so you don’t get chilly. Have a bright and beautiful Spring wedding!

Bridal photograph courtesy of Matthew Rycraft Photography

Photograph courtesy of the Isla Gladstone Conservatory theislagladstone.co.uk