How to Select your Wedding Caterer

Planning a wedding can feel like a huge and daunting task, it is essentially the biggest celebration of your life after all. Don’t panic! Planning ahead and finding the right suppliers is key.


What Do You Need to Consider When it comes to Catering?
Think Ahead

When it comes to selecting your wedding suppliers, it is very important to take your time and ensure that they fully understand your needs, ideas and requirements.

Start planning early. Talk to friends and get some recommendations, think about weddings or events you have attended in the past and make some notes about what you liked or didn’t like about the food and the service, you need to be sure that you have the wedding caterer that you deserve.

Meet The Team
Once you have a had a good think about the sort of feel you would like to achieve at your event, it’s time to set up a meeting. A good catering company will offer a free tasting session and consultation. This will give you an opportunity to meet the people you will be dealing with, discuss your ideas and get a better understanding of their company standards and ethos. You should never be made to feel pressured into deciding there and then if you don’t want to.

Be Open Minded
You may have very fixed ideas about exactly what you want, you may not have a clue! Either way, take an open minded approach. A professional and experienced catering company will be able to guide you on what will and won’t work, and give you a good idea about what is best to suit your budget.

Be Certain That You Feel Confident and Comfortable
A meeting with your potential catering company should leave you feeling inspired and confident that they understand what you want.

You should expect to have an understanding of how your day will run, the level of staff that will be in attendance, the timings of the food service and the menu options available to you.

Then, you should feel totally confident that you can tick it off your list and forget about it! A good catering company should remove any worry about this aspect of your day, leaving you free to concentrate on other areas.

Ask About Other Suppliers
A really good catering company will also be able to offer you lots of useful contacts and recommendations for other potential suppliers, such as florists, crockery suppliers, photographers and venues. They will work closely with them at all of their events and get a good understanding of who works best for certain types of events. They may even be able to get you a reduced price for certain services – so be sure to ask!

Need more help? Here at Vanilla in Allseasons our team are always happy to discuss options and ideas for wedding food or event catering – it’s our passion! Our team have a wealth of experience and we are always ready to tackle a new challenge.

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