Revitalaser on the state of the art laser removal techniques


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Revitalaser on state of the art laser removal techniques.





Recent stories in the media have claimed a worrying rise in the number of bacterial infections being seen in women who regularly have Brazilin and Hollywood bikini waxes. The treatment can cause hundreds of tiny tears in the skin, making clients more vulnerable to infection from bacteria. On top of this, there is a real risk of cross-contamination from the waxing process itself with therapists double-dipping the spatula used to apply the wax back into the cauldron of warm wax, a veritable germ magnet.  So a practice marketed as ‘Hygienic’ by many salons may well be the exact opposite.

 Although the debate of whether women should want to bare all is not one we are going to discuss here, there is an option other than painful, expensive (and now we know, not so hygienic) waxing sessions to achieve a hair free body. One celeb reckons she has spent £157,115 on waxing in her life time (she is in her forties) not to mention the time it has taken to attend appointments over the years.

Revitalaser are talking about the cleanest, most hygienic AND pain free option – that of our state of the art laser hair removal techniques used at Revitalaser.  Not only is hair reduction permanent (the number of treatments varies per person and per area) but there are none of the problems associated with other forms of hair removal.  Hair re- growth between treatments, and before final hair reduction, is fine and straight. There are none of the re-growth problems associated with waxing and shaving, where hairs may become ingrown causing painful mini abscesses.

 So, if you want a pain free, hygienic and permanent hair reduction solution – which wont cost the earth -then laser hair removal is the natural choice at Revitalaser.





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