Puure Bride’s Top 5 Tips on Wedding Dress Fittings

Picture this, it’s weeks to the wedding and your stood in your beautiful dress. You’ve been really taking care of yourself and going to the gym – even amidst all the planning stress – but your dress doesn’t fit! It’s too big! It’s too small!…What can be done?!

If you’re lucky enough to have bought your dress from a shop with a dedicated seamstress, like Puure bride in Lymm, then you can breathe a sigh of relief. In walks your “fairy godmother”, otherwise know as your seamstress. Never underestimate the importance of the lady or gent in your wedding preparation process…

Most ladies span 2/3 dress sizes when they’re measured for their gown so adjustments are often needed. The biggest fear girls have is that the dress will never look as they want it too. But, with a bit of patience and a lot of hard work from your seamstress, you’ll find that it will fit like a glove on your big day.

So what can you do to make the fitting process go as smoothly as possible?

1. Always be prepared with your shoes, underwear and petticoat (if your are providing your own) for every fitting

2. Try to keep the people who accompany you to a minimum, unless it’s a final fit. We need the space in the room to work and get you walking and sitting in your dress.

3. Be aware that during the fit process if your body measurements are changing then additional fits will be needed to keep up with your weight/inch loss/gain. The average amount of fits you may need is three but we put no limit on the amount it takes to get the dress fit correct.

4. During the process the dress will be unfinished, will have embellishment missing, and although I know this can be worrying, be patient as it will all come together.

5. Try to be as flexible with fitting times/ dates, we want to accommodate your diary as much as possible but the more you can make yourself available for the better.

So why when I’ve spent all this money on a really expensive dress do I have to pay for alterations?

Due to the amount of fluctuations that can occur with a brides body measurements on the lead up to the wedding, and the fact that most girls do not fit a standard size, it would be impossible to include the cost of alterations into the original price.

The average gown can take 20 hours in total to unpick, alter and re sew. The average bride has 4 hours of fitting time, making the total time spent working on a gown and fitting 3 days. Most seamstress are self employed, and if they ever counted up the hours and did the maths they work for a surprising amount of time. This is why I am eternally grateful to the dedicated team and I have at Puure brides.

If you’d like to learn out more about how we can find and fit your dream dress, contact the Puure Bride team here and we’ll be happy to help.