Put it on the Wedding List

“Put it on the wedding list” is probably a phrase you have heard more than once if you are planning your special day and we love a good list at County Brides!

A list is a great way to start planning your wedding and we don’t just mean when it’s time to draw up the gift list, the guest list or the music for the wedding. Start with your dream wedding list for anything and everything you would like to have, making one list each and then compare your ideas and see what (if anything!) you both have written down. This is a good indicator of whether you are on the same page with what you want out of the day and also what you think it might cost or are prepared to spend. If you have very different ideas it’s best to start talking about your expectations early, rather than risk your partner ruling out something that you have set your heart on when you look at the budget. Most couples will have to make a concession somewhere along the line and if it is you doing the compromising remember that you are earning brownie points in your partner’s eyes and that the wedding will be just one day in your relationship.

forest wedding

Whittle the lists down to your Top Ten for all the big elements like the venue and do lots of research; whether it is a castle, a yacht or a cosy country house hotel it is good to get this decision sorted out early as you might find that your dream venue is booked up further ahead than you think. This will then give you a timescale to work with for booking other suppliers such as the photographer who again may be taking bookings two or three years in advance. Try and be flexible on the day of the week if you can and you could get a better deal and make it easier for guests who might struggle to get a Saturday off.

Here are a few of our Top Tens to get you started; will anything make it on to your list?

Top Ten wedding dress designers

Ronald Joyce

Maggie Sottero


Vera Wang


Amanda Wakeley

Stuart Parvin

Nicole Spose

Gemy Maalouf

Sophia Tolli


Top Ten fabulous wedding cars

Jaguar E-Type

Beauford Tourer

Rolls Royce Phantom

1927 Vintage Rolls Royce Tourer

Badsworth Landaulette



Cadillac Fleetwood

VW Camper van

1970 Oldsmobile Delta


Top Ten sweet treats


Wedding cake (of course!)

Cake pops

Candy carts

Ice cream and waffle stations

Biscuit towers

French Crepes

Freshly made popcorn

Dessert shots

Pastel macarons


Doughnuts and candy floss (yes we know that is thirteen things, but if you can’t indulge at a wedding when can you?!)