Preserving your Wedding Cake

Heatons CakesYou might consider keeping the top tier of your wedding cake and using it at the christening of your first child, as is traditional in some cultures, but how do you ensure that it does not deteriorate over time?

The best way to preserve a fruit wedding cake tier is to keep it sealed and air tight either in an air tight tin or in the freezer. Remove any loose decorations or ribbon and place the wedding cake in the freezer until the icing is frozen, remove the cake and cover with cling film and two layers of foil, finishing with another layer of tightly wrapped cling film to keep out as much air as possible and avoid any ‘freezer burn’ on the cake. You can also do this by wrapping the cake in grease proof paper first and then wrapping it tightly with cling film or in food grade polythene bags. If you then put the cake back in the freezer it can be kept edible for twelve months or more. The icing will deteriorate and may become discoloured after about a year, but it can be removed and the cake re-iced after thawing when the times comes to use it for another family occasion.

A sponge tier cannot be as easily preserved as it has a shorter initial shelf life, typically two weeks or even less if it has a fresh cream decoration or filling. A sponge tier can be frozen for only a few months, so if you want to keep some of your wedding cake for longer, you will need to use the fruit tier. Alcohol can also help to preserve a fruit cake, keeping it moist and adding a rich depth of flavour as time passes. Make holes in the cake with a skewer and spoon in a couple of teaspoons of sherry or brandy each week for a month, before wrapping tightly and keeping in an air tight tin away from heat, light and other strong flavours, and it should easily last for several months. If you do not wish to use alcohol, contact a reputable cake company who may be able to give you some advice or recommend an alternative and you should be able to preserve a tier of your cake successfully to use however you wish.

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