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Bridal bouquets are a tricky thing to decide on as they can make or break a bridal outfit. You don’t want to take anything away from THE dress (or suit), however you do want to make enough of a fuss to draw the eye towards your attire and compliment it in a way that guarantees your wedding guests will swoon for months to come!

When Elizabeth Taylor married Richard Burton in 1964 (image above) she went all out on her bridal outfit flowers. They weren’t just in her sweet, yet colourful canary yellow bouquet (which complemented her gorgeous yellow coat) they were also cascaded through her hair like a pretty daisy garden on a beautiful day in Spring. That lady knows how to get noticed!

At Precious Things HQ in Poynton, Cheshire, the making of bridal bouquets is a very frequent occurrence however, not one is ever called ‘regular’. Head Florist and owner of Precious Things Event Styling, Jacklyn Muldoon (seen above with her husband Steven in 2014), says “the bridal bouquet is the best and first presentation of the flowers of the day. Whether they are petite, very structured and colourful, or large, loose and trailing, we treat them like they are the main event”.

Increasingly, bridal bouquets are incorporating more and more foliage. So they don’t have to be full of mega-expensive roses that will leave no budget for your bridal party flowers. Foliage like eucalyptus leaves or berries, asparagus fern and even the quite weighty but very striking succulent plants are common choices for bouquets in recent years.

As illustrated in the images above, using the flowers to add a pop of colour (dark or light) can really enhance the bridalwear. And it’s not just the brides who can get in on this, colourful buttonholes will make any groom’s crushed velvet jacket or plain grey morning suit come alive.

In conclusion, do your research when it comes to your bridal bouquet and bridal party flowers…look at different styles you might not have thought of before (Pinterest is great for this) and remember, there are no strict rules…just make it yours’.


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