Poynton Store Re-fit

We’re back!

The Poynton refit is complete and our doors are now open again! We have created a more spacious environment with a relaxed feel capturing both modern and traditional elements. New décor, floors and lights help to provide a brand-new atmosphere for both new and existing customers. We invite you all to call in and view the new brands we have in store at your leisure.

Trendsetting brands like Les Georgettes, Astra, and ChloBo, are just some of the stunning new collections, that we have on offer in our Poynton store. As always, we strive to find unique, elegant and beautiful brands that we feel highlight the modern jewellery scene, whilst also ensuring that traditions are a core feature of our business.

What’s New?

Les Georgettes is a new customizable brand from France that shows just how versatile Jewellery can be. Their bangles can be Personalized with different leather inserts that can be easily changed around to best suit any outfit, with new colours being brought out each season there are always new options with Les Georgettes.

Astra is an elegant brand that showcases the delicacy that can be brought to jewellery. Astra is a new brand from New Zealand; created in 2013, it shows wide variety with its jewellery as each piece weaves its own story. Whether it be for birthdays, graduations, or weddings, Astra jewellery helps to capture the essence of your story being told through its jewellery.

ChloBo is a brand that revolves around the spirit of freedom and travel, with each piece being hand crafted to ensure its perfection. As the original stacking bracelet company ChloBo highlight the fact that all their products look beautiful as single pieces or as a set, this helps to create the distinctive and recognisable boho-look that the stacking bracelets have become known for.

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do, and in a brand-new environment we continue to strive for perfection. The new shop allows us to better cater to all your needs, whether it be repairs, valuations, remakes, or special orders! We have maintained our attention to detail, and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure you are happy to have visited. Couples looking for Wedding and engagement rings will find a comprehensive range of product and designs that can suit all tastes and budgets. We are proud to have just been awarded the ‘County Brides Northwest Wedding Awards’ for ‘Best Jeweller 2018’.

Bespoke design continues to be going from strength to strength. We have seen an increase in this area of retail over the years and with our specialist knowledge in the field, from a consultation through to CAD design we are proud to offer classical to ground-breaking designs.

If you are unable to visit us in person, why not browse our brand-new website www.henryjohnstone.co.uk where you can see a wide selection of our products and are able to purchase or click and collect in store at your convenience.


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