Pick a good photographer!!!

Why Brides should pick a good photographer…..

In today’s climate where money doesn’t stretch as far and prices seem to be rising, planning a wedding can seem a little daunting. To have the wedding you want it may be that the budget required maybe completely out of your league. There are so many things to think about, venue, cars, flowers, photography, video, dressing the venue, DJ, Dress & bridesmaids dresses, grooms suit, food & drink, registrar or church, rings, cake, invitations & more.

Tanya Lloyd

But beyond the doom and gloom of the recession is your wedding and this amazing opportunity to come together in marriage and stick together. And how exciting to be able to plan your wedding day just the way you want it with your individual style. As a result many couples are becoming more creative and learning to how to make many things themselves and cut their costs massively.

If you think back to the days when our parents got married they didn’t have or need half the things we think we do now! A village hall with a cake made by mum was enough!

There are some things you could cut out completely, do you really need to hire a car? Does anyone you know have a nice car you can borrow, and with a bit of ribbon your car awaits! Do you need to have favours? Tradition was that everyone went away with some cake. Some venues allow you to bring your own caterers who may be much cheaper than the potential £100 a head three course meal offered by some hotels.

Tanya Lloyd

So with research and maybe a little help from those around you there are ways to cut out some of the costs you don’t need. Without wanting to sound too clichéd this is your Wedding Day, and your marriage will last forever, right? When it comes to things from your day after your married, there are of course those amazing memories! The lasting memories of your day will be seen in your photography.

This may be something you can minimize on the amount of time but certainly not something I believe you can do without. There are amateur photographers who may be keen members of your family, but do yu trust them to give you your set of images which will last your entire marriage?

As a wedding photographer I get told time and again that people know a friend who chose not to use a professional and now regrets it. So when things are tight and you want to save money, but know people with a good digital camera why use a professional wedding photographer?

Tanya Lloyd

• They know what shots you want in your collection of images. Like your getting ready images, the details of the dress, shoes etc before you put them on. The reportage shots that are poignant moments captured.

• They can organize a group of people into a lovely group shot.

• They understand lighting, whatever the weather or however dark your church is.

• They know how to talk with your guests so that everyone feels comfortable and has a great enjoyable time.

• They have creative ideas of how to photograph your wedding at a venue used by hundreds in a way that will give you a unique set for you.

• They know how to edit and work on the images in post production so that the best ones are chosen and they are worked on to bring the best of each image out.

• They can put together a Wedding Book or Album in a way which will tell you story of your Big Day giving you lasting memories to treasure forever.

• They have a passion and knowledge about photography which will enhance your set enabling the atmosphere and love present in your wedding to shine through.

• They will have lots of creative ideas to add to your wedding, like Engagement Shoot, Photo-Booths, Wedding Albums, Slideshows and mounted Framed Prints for your guests to sign at your evening reception.
As a photographer of course I want to safeguard my profession but more than that I love shooting weddings and I get great satisfaction when people see their set of images for the first time. Some cry, many laugh, but above all they love them and can see that it was money well spent in order to treasure their wedding day forever.

If the price of a wedding photographer does seem steep and you like their work some are willing to really work with you to make sure you can afford them, you may need to bend a little on the amount of time on the day or how your wedding album is presented, but there are always options.

Tanya Lloyd

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