Where are all the Piano Bars?

Although popular the length and breadth of Europe, and across the USA, the piano bar concept seems to have missed out Britain all together. Maybe us Brits like to compartmentalise our social lives; pubs are for drinking, social clubs are for cabaret entertainment, nightclubs are for dancing and dating?

All the while, across Europe, people are visiting piano bars to eat, drink, listen, dance, request, sing along and have a great time, in venues where music is live and provided by professional musicians. In fact many of our best musicians spend their lives travelling to Europe to perform in this way as there is a lack of opportunity and money to do so in the UK.

However, the UK wedding industry seems to be the exception to the rule. Young couples who are experiencing the piano bar concept are seeing the value in the high quality live entertainment on offer, which can make a good party into an amazing party, and appeal to all wedding guests no matter how old, or what their musical tastes are.


With early beginnings at Pat O’Brien’s bar, in New Orleans, in 1933, pianists would ‘duel’ to see who could play better or faster and then take requests on bar napkins. This evolved during the 1980s with pianists playing more contemporary rock n roll, and proving to the audience that that could play and sing in any style to keep up with the latest trends. This style has evolved further throughout Europe, and with the advancements in technology, pianists are using extra keyboards to create a full ‘live band’ sound and a live mic’d up drum kit, gives the sound and atmosphere of a live rock band, whilst sticking to the request show format.

L!VE Piano Bar, Tilburg is a fine example of this. A small bar in the Netherlands which is packed to rafters every weekend with hundreds of 20 somethings out to party, and appreciate the music provided by professional piano entertainers who are paid well for a job well done. House music, heavy rock, pop, disco, rock n roll. You name it, they play it.





So, when it comes to a wedding, what could be better than a music concept that appeals to everyone, young and old? With piano entertainment the music can be planned for special moments, like the first dance, and then it can evolve, into something that appeals to all, and keeps the party rocking late into the night.



What would you choose for the most important day of your life? Entertainment selected by your venue, or professional musicians with years of experience entertaining crowds of music lovers all over the world, with a passion for providing the music that you want to hear?

The choice is yours.

lizLiz Hendry

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