Photographs you don’t want to miss at your wedding!

So, you’ve taken the plunge, you’ve made the decision, you bought the ring and you said yes! YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED…..!

Lots to think about now, what date? Where shall we wed? Church Wedding? Civil? Church then venue? Only the venue? Should we have cars? Who will do my hair? Who will do my make up? Who shall I have as best man?

So many questions.. all of which you will be able to answer and enjoy planning together.

One of your most important decisions will be who will photograph our wedding & capture the memories we are looking for?

Here is a guide to the wedding photographer that will suit you!

Your wedding photographer shadows you all day… literally aside from your new husband/wife and your guests, he or she is the only other person who is with you from the beginning of the morning getting ready to the partying at night celebrating! Thinking of just booking them off facebook? Instagram or their website….. No, contact them, arrange to meet them, look through their work, ask questions, talk about the whole of your day. No question is wrong!

Photographers are human, we are not miracle workers, we cannot recreate your Pinterest wedding, but if you see something on Pinterest you like, create a board of ideas of shots you’d like, show us and discuss with us, if it can’t be done exact, I’ll bet something similar can be done and it’s totally unique to you!

When you are discussing your wedding photos, generally we know to get the group shot, we know mums and dads, grandparents and aunties all want their photo with you. But what about those special ones that mean something to you. You’ve chosen your venue for a reason, you love the place, you love the way the staff looks after you, you love the food? Most couples chose their venue based on how their photos will look, the beautiful staircase, the amazing views, the grounds in the summer, the grounds in the winter. Whatever reason you chose it for, discuss this with your photographer.

My top photos would be

Getting ready in the morning with the girls/guys
Bride/Groom on own before the ceremony
Exchange of the rings
The kiss
Confetti Shot (This is so much fun!)
Group Photo (a must to have that one image of you and everyone)
Time together on your own
Guests laughing
Umbrella shot at dusk
Fun shots and we can be as creative as you like!

Your wedding day is meant to be stress-free for you. Knowing your photographer and being at ease will help to make your day run smoothly…

Please feel free to share. If you’d like to get in touch about your wedding photography, please do not hesitate to contact me or save my details until you’re ready!

Nicola x

Nicola Cooper
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