Our Tips for Planning your Wedding During COVID

Wednesday, July 29th, 2020
Our Tips for Planning your Wedding During COVID

It’s undeniable that the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the wedding industry hard. With reduced numbers and strict limitations, many couples have had to postpone. 

Because of this, we appreciate that this will inevitably be a stressful period for any couple to try to plan (or re-plan) their big day. However, as always, we are here with some tips and resources to try and help you in this unusual situation.

Although these are difficult times, we should always remember – love conquers all!

Here are our tips for planning your wedding during COVID-19.


Remember that everything is figureoutable

Take a deep breath. Everything is going to be okay – we can figure this out. It’s not easy to plan a wedding right now, but it’s 100% possible. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by everything, repeat this mantra: Everything is figureoutable.

This moment in time won’t last forever. We will get through it. And anyway, think of the stories we’ll be able to tell our grandkids about those weird times when we all stuck inside our homes having to quarantine (and plan a wedding!). 

Book your suppliers ASAP

Due to so many weddings being postponed until next year, and some vendors sadly closing down, suppliers are now being booked up quicker than ever. If your wedding has been rearranged, you should contact your original suppliers as quickly as you can to ensure they are still available for your new date. 

Not only will this give you peace of mind, but your supplier will also appreciate the promise of your custom in this time of need. 

Alternatively, if you’re currently planning your wedding for 2021 and you have your eye on your dream supplier, make sure you contact them quickly as well before their diary becomes fully booked with both new and rearranged weddings.

Our Tips for Planning your Wedding During COVID

Give your wedding party fashion freedom

Since it’s pretty hard to physically go shopping with your bridal party at the moment – why not take advantage of the mix-and-match dress trend? All you’ll need to do is give your bridesmaids the colour palette and style you’ve chosen for your wedding, along with the freedom to pick their own ensemble. 

Not only will your bridal party appreciate your flexibility, but you’ll save loads of time on wedding party shopping trips. Plus, your bridesmaids can choose something fabulous from their closets or purchase something from a bridal shop that they’ll no doubt wear again. 

You can even spread the wardrobe freedom across your whole wedding party and allow your guests to come in whatever they please, well, within reason! 

Use the time to create your own decorations

If you’re still on furlough, or self-isolating in your house after work, then you might have a bit more down-time than usual on your hands. Why not put this time to good use and get your imagination flowing with some arts and crafts? 

Take a look through YouTube, Pinterest and/or Instagram for some inspiration and guidance on how to make DIY wedding decorations, invitations or favours from your own home. When your wedding day finally rolls around, being surrounded by things that you spent hours carefully crafting will make it even more special.

Our DIY Favours board on Pinterest is brimming with ideas. 

Get booking your appointments

Many suppliers are now back open and able to book in meetings. So, contact your local bridal shop to get a date in the diary to get searching for that all important dress again! 

Other vendors such as photographers, make-up artists, caterers and more will be back taking appointments soon if they’re not doing so already. Get in touch to see when they’re available to get your planning well and truly back on track. 

Ask for virtual tours and samples in the post

If you’re shielding or can’t make in-person appointments, many venues and suppliers are offering virtual tours and online meetings. We know it’s not quite the same seeing a venue, or a product/service, through a screen – it’s the next best thing to being there in person.  

Alternatively, if seeing something virtually just isn’t cutting it for you, some suppliers are able to send you samples of their products to try at home before making the decision to book them i.e. cake samples, fabric samples, or they could send photos/videos of their work to you. Think of it in this way – you can test out your entire wedding from the comfort of your own sofa!


Update your guest list and reprint your invites

It’s a shame, but you may need to consider if you had already had your save the dates or invitations made with your original date, they will most likely need to be reprinted with your new date on. 

If your rearranged date isn’t for another year, you will probably need to rethink your guestlist again. You may find that people aren’t able to attend anymore, or alternatively, you may have made new friends (maybe those neighbours you’ve got pretty close to after all those chats over the Thursday night NHS celebrations and the VE day socially distanced street parties!), and therefore you will have new guests who you would like to add onto your invite list.


Look on the bright side

These past few months have been difficult and challenging for many of us, but It’s not all doom and gloom. There are still positives to come out of this situation. One of those might be the extra time you’ve had to get to really get to know your wonderful fiance ahead of your wedding, or maybe the time you’ve got to spend with your new baby as a family.  

Or maybe you’ve been apart from your loved ones, and you’ve had to slow right down and take a step back to get to discover who you are before stepping into the role as a “wife” or a “husband.” 

Or, more practically, you may have saved some money from not going out as much. So now you have a bigger wedding, or honeymoon, budget! 

Whatever it may be, there is always a silver lining. These are moments that you wouldn’t have had if it was ‘business as usual’, so try to look on the bright side and let yourself get excited for your 2021/2022 wedding! 

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