Always have music playing whilst your guests are being seated for your service.  This could be a string quartet, a professional musician or even your own CD music.  It will put your guests at ease and set the scene for the rest of the day.

You will need a minimum of three pieces of music: something for the bride to walk in to, music during the signing of the register (we would suggest two pieces of music here) and something for you, as a couple, to walk out to.  This could be either a string quartet with a solo piece, or the service can be enhanced by opera or contemporary singers singing two of your favourite songs.  You can even re-enact the scene from the film Love Actually, which would be impressive!  Another option is a gospel choir.  It would be amazing, especially when you are walking up the aisle to ‘We are Family’.


Your drinks reception will last approximately one and a half hours.  Whilst you are busy with photographs, your guests will need entertaining.  At this stage a string quartet, singer/pianist or even a saxophonist will work well.  You could also add close up magicians or a caricaturist.  If your budget won’t stretch to live music, then make your own CDs to play as background music.


From the moment your guests enter the room, a jazz saxophonist or live pianist can be playing your favourite songs.  This will set up a great atmosphere.  After the speeches and formalities, the musicians can start to play again during the wedding breakfast.  This area also works well with swing or jazz singers who can wander amongst your guests whilst they have dinner.  Many of our swing singers are great at interacting with guests.  A solo singer performing two of your favourite songs will add special memories to your day.


This is the area most people worry about and want to impress their guests with; there are many options depending on the budget.  At the very least you will need a DJ or live band.  We will always suggest you try and incorporate a live performance into the evening, as it creates the right atmosphere ensuring a memorable night.

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  • can i advertise my one-woman-vocal-instrumentalist-DJ-wedding services on here please? thanks!
    Penny Mac

  • Yes music is very important, thats why 80 weddings this year chose One Stop Boogie for their entertainment.

  • Denis says:

    Can I be cheeky and mention one of the North West’s finest Wedding Singer/Entertainers for all your wedding entertainment needs, swing/ratpack and pop singer with or without his own superb wedding band plus full disco, Make your day even more special and book Denis as an undercover singing waiter.

  • Claire says:

    i need a wedding singer for my civil ceremony but i don’t want jazz or rat pack and that is all i can seem to find!  can anyone help?

  • John Norcott says:

    Try although he is an excellent swing singer he has a superb selection of Indie, Rock and Pop music covering music from David Gray, The Killers, Kings of Leon, Bruno Mars, Take That and many more

  • Le Crazy Chef says:

    what kind of music are you after? if we can’t help I would be happy to recommned some people who play the kind of music you like 

  • Michelle says: -Soul/Motown and much more.

    Anything we can do to help just give us a call.

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