Love at first sight. Photography by Rick Dell

Rick dell photographyMo and I are both from south China, but the first time we met was in Manchester. We fell in love and married in Manchester! 




We met on the first day I arrived in England five years ago. We were introduced by one of my best friends, Xiufang Wang. I liked Mo’s sense of humour and we got on well, often talking about our lives and studies in Manchester. We developed a close friendship very quickly and I soon realised I had found my Mr Right!

Valentine’s Day this year coincided with Chinese New Year. It was the Year of the Tiger, which we celebrated with our family and friends. That day, during dinner Mo proposed to me on one knee with a beautiful bouquet of roses. I was completely taken by surprise and felt so happy I said yes immediately.

Our parents are very superstitious and informed us that the most auspicious day to get married was 21st March this year. We only had three weeks to arrange our dream wedding with 110 guests!

We felt that choosing our wedding rings was the most important thing to organise first. After a lot of research we discovered the Cartier Trinity ring, which we had travel toLondonto get. We chose these rings because they symbolised friendship, love and forever.

Then to find my wedding dress! I wanted the traditional Chinese wedding kwa which was made of embroidered red silk. However, I found that due to the short time I had before the wedding, it was very difficult to find a suitable kwa in time. Things were also made trickier as I have a very small frame. I was facing the possibility of waiting up to 6 months for something custom made. I therefore decided to order my wedding kwa fromChinavia the internet. I was worried that I was not able to try it on before it was purchased, but luckily it fitted me perfectly. I had found my dream wedding dress!

For our reception, we booked a banquet atPearl Cityrestaurant inChinatowninManchester. They specialised in Chinese cuisine and were able to accommodate all our guests that day.

It was through County Bride magazine that we booked Rick Dell as our photographer, Rich Video as our videographer, Danielle Horan as my hairdresser and a wedding car from High Style Cars. Thanks to the information in the magazine, we found people whose work we liked and the team was put together very quickly.

It was fantastic to be able to have a traditional Chinese wedding inEngland. The colour red features heavily in a Chinese wedding as it is considered to be a lucky and joyful colour, therefore many of the wedding decorations as well as my kwa was red.

On the day of the wedding, Mo had to collect me from my parent’s house to go to his. Whilst at my parent’s house, I was accompanied by my closest friend who was there to mourn my departure from my family home. As part of the wedding ritual, when Mo arrived, he was greeted by my bridesmaids. They acted as if they were very reluctant for the wedding to proceed until Mo had to won them over by convincing them of his worthiness! This is a traditional wedding game often played in good humour as part of a Chinese wedding.

As part of the ceremony, Mo and I served tea to our parents and senior relatives as a mark of respect. Afterwards, we all went toPearl City, where firecrackers were set off outside, telling people that dinner was beginning. Our banquet included food symbolic to having a successful marriage, such as fish, pork and pigeon.


We enjoyed every moment celebrating our wedding with our family and friends. It was a traditional and romantic event which we will remember forever!


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