The Looks You Need to Know About from Bridal Fashion Week 2019

Following on-trend fashion might be a life long goal for you, or maybe you laugh at some of the more extravagant wedding dresses on the runway. Either way, some of the looks at Bridal Fashion week 2019 were incredible. We’ve picked out our top 8 wedding dress trends you need to know about for your wedding. Don’t worry, we’re not showing you wedding spacesuits or bikinis, just the best fashion Bridal Fashion Week 2019 had to offer.

1. Extravagant Florals

Now, of course, florals at a wedding are nothing new. Flowers have always had a huge part to play and over the years they have slowly worked their way into wedding dress design too.

Bridal Fashion Week 2019 is in spring, so we can’t say florals are surprising however, the number of designers featuring 3D florals this year was incredibly high. The 3D effect gives an extra dimension to your dress, whether you go for big oversized statement flowers or a delicate flowing pattern, flowers are in.


2. Ready for the ball

Ballgowns are frequently in and out of the bridal mainstream. Well good news, this year they’re in! So for any of you with Disney princess fantasies, this is your shot to live the dream.

Ball gowns are without a doubt a classic, but they were featured bigger and more beautiful than ever at the Bridal Spring 2019 Fashion Show.


3. It will all end in tiers

Tiers are no longer just for your cake! Layered skirts are in. They provide more movement and whimsy to a streamlined dress, definitely less hassle than a big train.

We saw fringe and geometric crochet, but our favourites were the tiered lace wedding dresses. Elegant but also something a little different.


4. Brides in blue

Any pure traditionalists, look away now! Bridal Fashion Week 2019 featured beautiful blue wedding dresses. We’re used to every shade of white, champagne and even blush but blue can feel quite out there.

Perfect for any bride wanting a traditional style dress with an exciting twist. Your entire dress can be something blue and new!

5. Glam feathers

Feathers were heavily featured in the wedding dresses at Bridal Fashion Week 2019. We felt it’s a little bit of a marmite trend, you love them or you hate them.

The feathers ranged from delicate to huge and dramatic, the majority being the dramatic kind. If you decide to follow this glam trend, go big. Feathers are for the drama so if you’re going to wear them go all out and own it!


6. Sparkles!

Let’s be honest, we can’t resist a good dose of glitter! Head to toe glitter and sequins were everywhere this year. Pearly beading, sequins and iridescent fabrics are all on trend.

We recommend this trend particularly for winter brides to add some sparkle to your starlit evening. If you do decide to go for all over sparkles, which to be honest we think you should, make sure to keep your accessories as low key as possible, let your dress be the statement piece.


7. The highs and lows of necklines

We have to say we were loving the high necklines, in particular, this year. High lace necks have officially become a wedding dress trend for 2019, even though we have seen them pop up before now.

Perfect for a elegant and demure church wedding. On the other end of the scale, we also saw some incredible plunging necklines this year. A deep V neckline is great because it’s flattering to any shape of bride, as long as you make sure you’re taped in properly to avoid any mishaps!

8. Retro sleeves

We have had two amazing retro trends sneak their way in this year. Firstly, 80s puffy sleeves are back and bigger than ever! (Might be time to give your mum’s wedding dress another look.) Of course, we’re not talking about anything quite like the full-on 80s puffy sleeve, but an updated version off the shoulder and much more elegant.

The other retro trend we loved was 90s skinny straps. These are perfect for any bride wanting to show off in a strapless dress but wants the added security of the straps.

We’ve picked our favourites from Bridal Fashion Week 2019, but there were plenty more trends to choose from! Was there any other trends you fell in love with? Or absolutely hated? Let us know in the comments below!

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