Looking for a Unique Wedding?

Together Forever

Together Forever

Every couple wants to have a unique wedding day, but there are some things that can be included at any wedding and the day is no less special for that.

There should always be at least two people who love each other, and if you are lucky there will be many more than this present at your wedding.

Good company, good food, and some music are all desirable, along with smiling faces and lots of laughter.

A relaxed atmosphere is a must have, and a sense of humour definitely helps to deal with any glitches.

It’s fine to have a few nerves present on the day, but these will soon be gone once the register is signed.

Good wishes and happy vibes from guests are essentials and something that everyone will be happy to give you as a wedding gift.

A mix of age groups is nice to have at any wedding, some guests talking about their own wedding and others that they have been to over the years, others who could be hoping to meet their future partner.


The eagle eyed guest may also be able to spot one or more of the following during the day….

Men checking their phones for the football scores
Nervous guests trying to see if they are in the same outfit as someone else
Fabulous hats and fascinators in all sorts of colours
Ladies with impossibly high heels quietly sinking into the grass during the photos
Cheeky flirting between guests
Long lost relatives catching up
Teary bridesmaids
Children on the dance floor first
Teens bargaining for their first “proper” drink
‘Nana’ and ‘Dad’ dancing
The bride in bare feet
New babies being passed around for a cuddle
The newlyweds holding hands and smiling, laughing at their own shared jokes, and looking like they are having their best day ever
(Actually, you won’t need to be eagle eyed to spot the last one, that’s probably been going on all day!)


[image courtesy of Gavin Spencer www.rgbstock.com/gallery/katman1972]