Last Minute Wedding Preparations

LSW 238Is Your Wedding Only 1 Week Away? You need to get prepared now for a few last minute checks so that the big day (and the day after!) runs smoothly……

First – Make a ‘Last Minute’ List to work from

This will probably be your final list, but one of the most vital. It should include all of the details of your final touches and other arrangements so that nothing gets overlooked and if you start it the week before your wedding rather than the day before then you are less likely to miss anything off it. List all of the things that need to be passed on to the wedding coordinator such as table favours, scatter decorations for the tables, special guest favours, postboxes, or surprise items. Once all the items have been handed over give the list to your maid of honour or other trusted person and delegate them to collecting all of the things for you after the wedding. This is much easier than having everybody involved as you will be collecting stuff from people for weeks after otherwise!

Pack a kit for the morning after!

You don’t want to start married life with a hangover so make sure there is a nice fruit drink and some paracetamol to hand just in case – even if you don’t need them the best man or bridesmaids might! Whatever you usually need after a big night out, whether it’s your favourite makeup remover, eye drops, rehydrating drink or breakfast bar, get it all together in a bag and it will make the start to the day after much easier and you will feel happy and refreshed.

Look after your dress!

Your wedding dress will be one of your most important memories of your special day and you might want to keep it in pristine condition as a family heirloom. If you have hired your gown you will know what the arrangements are for returning it or having it collected, and may have paid insurance for damage or an element for having the dress dry cleaned. It can be helpful to have a nominated person to take care of this for you too, so make sure they know where the dress bag is and where they are taking it back to. If you have bought your dress consider booking it in to the dry cleaners soon after the wedding – just in case!

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Book your transport!

Whether it is straight to the airport the day after, or just back home with all the presents after the reception make sure you have your transport arranged, whether it is a taxi, a friend or a family member, so that you are not waiting around at the venue or getting stressed about missing your flight, that isn’t a good start to anyone’s first day of marriage!

Have your thank you cards ready!

Not just for your gifts which you can send a bit later on, but for the people who have kept you sane throughout the planning stages. Whether it is the florist who has gone out of their way to make sure you have the perfect bouquet, the baker who has put your dream cake together or the make-up artist who helped you to look and feel fabulous. These people have made your day possible so a little thank you will be greatly appreciated!

This is a guest post by Allannah Buckley from Abbey House Hotel & Gardens

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